About NATHouse


NATHouse is the official Student House of the Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences.
Our name stems from the first 3 letters of “Natural” in the Faculty name. NATHouse has
been long standing with the Faculty itself, as far as the University’s history predates us.
Our logo, of a leafing stem represents our belief that the love of learning is a guide to life. It
expresses our thrust to continuously overcome daily circumstances through looking for new
methods as science is a sport of research and innovation.

We pride ourselves in the nature of the Faculty’s programs. Being a member of the NAS
Faculty signifies that an undergraduate's course of study is distinguished by excellence, reach,
originality, and rigor. We are the core of the University as all other areas of study have a basis
within our areas of specialisation.

Every year, a select student body comprised of 12 individuals takes an oath of office as the
House’s Committee, to represent the students before the University’s Administration, acting
as a conduit between the student and their goal to achieving optimal academic performance
and results with as minimal a hindrance as possible. The House also assists with non-
academic issues and works to provide some ‘off-the desk’ activities to help students take a
break from their studies after long periods of commitment.

Who are the students? By default, all students registered with the Faculty of Natural and
Agricultural Sciences define our existence. They belong with us and they are NATHouse!


- Author Zanele Zimo
Published by Zanele Zimo

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