Publications by Prof Teresa Coutinho

Publications in peer-reviewed journals:


  • Zhao M. Shin G-Y, Stice S, Brown JL, Coutinho TA, Metcalf WW, Gitaitis R, Kvitko B, Dutta B (2023) A novel biosynthetic gene cluster across the Pantoea species complex is important for pathogenicity in onion. Molecular Plant Pathogen Interactions 36(3)
  • Mamode Ally N, Neetoo H, Ranghoo-Sanmukhiya CM, Hardowar S, Vally V, Gungoosingh-Bunwaree, Maudarbaccus F, Coutinho TA, Vojvodic M, Bulajic A (2021) First report of Botryis cinerea causing gray mold of greenhouse-grown tomato plants in Mauritius.  Plant Disease 105, 2725.
  • Ally NM, Ranghoo-Sanmukhiya M, Hardover S, Vally V, Gungoosingh-Bunwaree A, Coutinho TA, Vojvodic M, Bulajic A, Neetoo H (2021) First report of target spot of tomato caused by Corynespora cassiicola in Mauritius.  Plant Disease 105, 226.
  • Stice SP. Shin GY, de Armes S, Koirala S, Galvan GA, Siri MI, Severns PM, Coutinho TA, Dutta B, Kvitko B (2021) The distribution of onion virulence gene clusters in Pantoea ananatis.  Frontiers in Plant Science 643787.
  • Nakato GV, Studholme DJ, Blomme G, Grant M, Coutinho TA, Were EM, Wicker E, Mahuku G (2021) SNP-based genotyping and whole-genome sequencing reveal previously unknown genetic diversity in Xanthomonas vasicola pv. musacearum, causal agent of banana Xanthomonas wilt, in its presumed Ethiopian origin.  Plant Pathology 70, 534-543.
  • Ortiz-Castro M, Hartman T, Coutinho T, Lang JM, Korus K, Leach JE, Jackson-Ziems T, Broders K (2020) Current understanding of the history, global spread, ecology, evolution and management of the corn bacterial leaf streak pathogen, Xanthomonas vasicola pv. vasculorumPhytopathology 110, 1124-1131.
  • De Maayer P, Pillay T, Coutinho TA (2020) Flagella by numbers:  comparative genomic analysis of the supernumerary flagellar systems among the Enterobacterales.  BMC Genomics 21, 670.
  •  Studholme DJ, Wicker E, Abrare SM, Aspin A, Bogdamove A, Broders K, Dubrow Z, Grant M, Jones JB, Karamura G, Lang J, Leach J, Mahuku G, Nakato GV, Coutinho T, Smith J, Bull CT (2020) Transfer of Xanthomonas campestris pv. arecae and X. campestris pv. musacearum to X. vasicola (Vauterin) as X. vasicola pv. arecae comb. Nov. and X. vasicola pv. musacearum comb. Nov. and description of X. vasicola pv. vasculorum pv. nov. Phytopathology 110, 1153-1160.
  • Bophela K, Y Petersen, C Bull, Coutinho TA (2020) Identification of Pseudomonas Isolates Associated With Bacterial Canker of Stone Fruit Trees in the Western Cape, South Africa.  Plant Disease 104, 882-892.
  • Kalita M, Matek W, Coutinho TA (2020) Putative novel Bradyrhizobium and Phyllobacterium species isolated from root nodules of Chamaecytisus ruthenicus.  Systematic and Applied Microbiology 43, 126056.
  • De Maayer P, Pillay T, Coutinho TA (2020) Comparative genomic analysis of the secondary flagellar (flag-2) system in the Enterobacteriales.  BMC Genomics 21, 100.




  • Shin GY, Schachterie JK, Shyntum DY, Moleleki LN, Coutinho TA, Sundin GW (2019)  Functional Characterization of a Global Virulence Regulator Hfq and Identification of Hfq-Dependent sRNAs in the Plant Pathogen Pantoea ananatis.  Frontiers in Microbiology 10,207.
  • Hammerbacher A, Coutinho TA, Gershenzon J (2019) Roles of plant volatiles in defence against microbial pathogens and microbial exploitation of volatiles.  Plant, Cell and Environment 42, 2827-2851.
  • Nakato G, Roja J, Verniere C, Blondin L, Coutinho T, Mahuru G, Wicker E (2019) new multi Locus Variable Number of Tandem Repeat analysis scheme for epidemiological surveillance of Xanthomonas vasicola pv. musacearum, the plant pathogen causing bacterial wilt on bananas and enset.  PLOS One 14, e215090.
  • Nakato GV, Christolova P, Were E, Nyine Y, Coutinho TA (…), Mahuku G (2019) Sources of resistance In Musa to Xanthomonas campestris pv. musacearum, causal agent of banana Xanthomonas wilt.  Plant Pathology 68, 49-59.
  • Dutta B, Gitaitis R, Agarwal G, Coutinho T, Langston D. (2018) Pseudomonas coronafaciens sp. nov., a new phytobacterial species diverse from Pseudomonas syringaePLOS One 13, e0208271.
  • Nakato GV, Wicker E, Coutinho TA, Mahuku, G, Studholme DJ. (2018) A highly specific tool for identification of Xanthomonas vasicola pv. musacearum based on five Xcm-specific coding sequences.  Heliyon 4, e01080.
  • Zimudzi J, van der Waals JE, Coutinho TA, Cowan DA & Valverde A (2018) Temporal shifts of fungal communities in the rhizosphere and on tubers in potato fields.  Fungal Biology 122, 928-934.
  • Otto M, Petersen Y, Roux J, Wright J & Coutinho TA (2018) Bacterial canker of cherry trees, Prunus avium, in South Africa.  European Journal of Plant Pathology 151, 427-438.
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  • Sibanda S, Kwenda S, Tanui C, Shyntum DY, Coutinho TA, Moleleki LN (2018) Transcriptome profiling reveals the EanI/R quorum sensing regulon in Pantoea ananatis LMG 2665T.  Genes 9, 148.
  • Coutinho TA, Wingfield MJ (2017) Ralstonia solanacearum and R. pseudosolanacearum on Eucalyptus:  opportunists or primary pathogens.  Frontiers in Plant Science 8, 761.
  • Breedt G, Coutinho TA, Labuschagne N (2017) Seed treatment with selected plant growth promoting rhizobacteria increases maize yield in the field.  Annals of Applied Biology 171, 229-236.
  • De Maayer P, Aliyu H, Vikram S (…), Venter SN, Coutinho TA (2017) Phylogenomic, pan-genomic and evolutionary genomic insights into the agronomically relevant enterobacteria Pantoea ananatis and Pantoea stewartii.  Frontiers in Microbiology 8, 1755.
  • Palmer M, Steenkamp ET, Coetzee MPA, (…), Duffy B, Venter SN (2017) Phylogenomic resolution of the bacterial genus Pantoea and its relationship with Erwinia and Tatumella.  Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, International Journal of General and Molecular Microbiology 110, 1287-1309.
  • Venter SN, Palmer M, Beukes CW, (…) Coutinho TA, Steenkamp ET (2017) Practically delineating bacterial species with genealogical concordance.  Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, International Journal of General and Molecular Microbiology 110, 1311-1325.
  • Weller-Stuart T, de Maayer P, Coutinho TA (2017) Pantoea ananatis:  genomic insights into a versatile pathogen.  Molecular Plant Pathology 18, 1191-1198.
  • Zimudzi J, Coutinho TA, van der Waals J (2017) Pathogenicity of fungi isolated from atypical skin blemishes on potatoes in South Africa and Zimbabwe.  Potato Research 60, 119-144.
  • Nesamari R, Coutinho TA, Roux J (2017)  Investigations into Encephalartos insect pests and diseases in South Africa identifies Phytophthora cinnamomi as a pathogen of the Mojadhi cycad.  Plant Pathology 66, 612-622.
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  • Weller-Stuart T, Toth I, de Maayer P, Coutinho TA (2017) Swimming and twitching motility are essential for attachment and virulence of Pantoea ananatis in onion seedlings.  Molecular Plant Pathology (18, 734-745. 
  • Sibanda S, Theron J, Moleleki L, Coutinho TA (2016)  Characterization of two LuxI/R homologs in Pantoea ananatis LMG 2665T.  Canadian Journal of Microbiology 62, 893-903.
  • Du Raan S, Coutinho TA, van der Waals JE (2016) Cardinal temperature differences,determined in vitro, between closely related species and subspecies of pectinolytic bacteria responsible for black leg and soft rot of potatoes.  European Journal of Plant Pathology 144, 361-369.
  • Bible AN, Fletcher SJ, Pelletier DA, Schadt CW, Jawdy SS, Weston DJ, Engle NL, Tschaplinski T, Masyuko R, Bohn PW, Coutinho TA, Doktycz MJ, Morrell-Falvey JL (2016) A carotenoid-deficient mutant in Pantoea sp. YR343, a bacteria isolated from the rhizosphere of Populus deltoides, is defective in root colonization.  Frontiers in Microbiology 7:491.
  • Palmer M, de Maayer P, Poulsen M, Steenkamp ET, van Zyl E, Coutinho TA, Venter SN (2016)  Draft genome sequences of Pantoea agglomerans and Pantoea vagans isolates associated with termites.  Standards in Genomic Sciences 11, 23.



Books and/or chapters in books:


  • Coutinho TA, Wingfield MJ (2021) History of plant pathology in South Africa.  Briza Publishers. In press.
  • Brady C, Coutinho TA (2021) Chapter on Gibbsiella.  In:  Bergey’s Manual for Systematic Bacteriology, Enterobacteriaceae. (in press).
  • Palmer M, Coutinho TA (2021) Chapter on Pantoea.  In:  Bergey’s Manual for Systematic Bacteriology, Enterobacteriaceae. (in press).
  • Coutinho TA, GY Shin (2021) Chapters on Budvicia and Erwinia. In:  Bergey’s Manual for Systematic Bacteriology, Enterobacteriaceae. (in press).
  • Coutinho TA, J van der Waals, GY Shin (2021) Chapters on Dickeya and Pectobacterium. In:  Bergey’s Manual for Systematic Bacteriology, Enterobacteriaceae. (published online).
  • Coutinho TA & Bophela KN (2021) Tree leaves as a habitat for phyllobacteria.  In Forest Microbiology Vol 1 Tree microbiome, phyllobiome, endobiome and rhizobiome. Ed. by FO Asieghu & A Kovalchuk.  Academic Press, Elsevier. pp. 133-145.
  • Bull CL, Coutinho TA (2021) Taonomy of plant pathogenic bacteria.  In Laboratory guide for identification of plant pathogenic bacteria.  Forth Edition.  APS Press, St. Paul. (in press).
  • Gitiatis G, Dutta B, Coutinho TA (2021) Pantoea.  In Laboratory guide for identification of plant pathogenic bacteria.  Forth Edition.  APS Press, St. Paul. (in press).
  • Coutinho TA, Brady CL (2021) Brenneria.  In Laboratory guide for identification of plant pathogenic bacteria.  Forth Edition.  APS Press, St. Paul. (in press).
  • Sibanda P, Moleleki LN, Shyntum DY, Coutinho TA (2018) Quorum sensing in Gram-Negative plant pathogenic bacteria.  In:  Advances in Plant Pathology, Ed. By JN Kimatu, InTechOpen, London, UK.
  • Coutinho TA, Walcott R (2016) Detection of Pantoea species in onion seed.  APS Manual on detection of plant pathogenic bacteria in seed and planting material (Ed by Schaad N, Barek F, Walcott, R)< APS Press, St Paul.




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