Research seminars

Research seminars


31 May 2023

Prof Robert Idsardi from Easter Washington University and Prof Julie A. Luft from the University of Georgia

Topic: Relationships between undergraduate instructors' conceptions and instructional practices.

17 May 2023

Prof Laura Kunreuther, Bard College, USA

Topic: Engaged research: Pandemic Research with Interpreters in Kakuma Refugee Camp

17 April 2023

Professor Ansurie Pillay from the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal

Topic: Academic Literacy Project: Insights and Lessons Learned

29 March 2023

Mrs Marena Lotriet (University of Pretoria)

Topic: Cooperative Online International Learning (COIL) 

29 March 2023

Prof Mags Blackie (Rhodes University)

Topic: Creating a curriculum for knowledge building

22 March 2023

Dr Christine Mundy (University of Pretoria)

Topic: Making Learning Meaningful


8 March 2023

Prof Dale Taylor (University of Cape Town)

Topic: Diverse Extended Curriculum Models - Affordance and Challenges


29 November 2022

Dr Melissa Nemon (Merrimack College, USA) 

Topic:Transdisciplinary research – bringing academia & community together for research & impact

14 September 2022

Prof Hannah Sevian from the University of Massachusetts Boston

Topic: An Asset-Based Approach to Closing Asymmetries and Supporting Student Success in General Chemistry

7 September 2022

Dr. N. Murdoch and Dr. T. Wyborn from Western Sydney University

Topic: Transition pedagogy for student success

23 August 2022

Prof Audrey Falk, Merrimack College (USA)

Topic: Building meaningful and sustainable partnerships

5 May 2022

Prof Kelly Allen, Prof Emily Starke, Prof Ureka Williams, and Prof Kristen Marangoni, Tulsa College (USA)

Topic: How to create a storymap.

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18 October 2021

Prof Diane Ceo-DiFrancesco (Xavier University, USA)

Topic: The "how" of Photovoice research

8 September 2021

Prof Martin Braund (University of York)

Topic: Critical STEM literacy and the COVID-19 Pandemic

7 September 2021

Thandiwe Matyobeni (Rhodes University)

Topic: The "how" of digital storytelling

25 August 2021

Prof Timothy Stanton (Stanford University)

Topic: The "How" of community engagement research

3 August 2021

Rodney Mudau (University of Pretoria - Human Nutrition)

Topic: Prevalence of asthma symptoms among rural and urban pre-schoolers in Mpumalanga province, South Africa

9 June 2021

Ruebecca Ebrahim (University of Pretoria - Mamelodi campus)

Topic: Students' perceptions of a process approach in academic writing instruction designed for an extended curriculum programme

26 May 2021

Gideon Brits and Fanie Walters (University of Pretoria - Mamelodi campus)

Topic: Reflections on engaging with students in an online environment

19 May 2021

Prof Ermien van Pletzen from the University of Cape Town, Dr Riashna Sithaldeen (Centre for Higher Education Development at the University of Cape Town and Polite Nduru from the University of Cape Town

Topic: Looking forward, looking back: Informing new extended curriculum policy by examining current modules


Prof Marissa Rollnick research fellow at the Mamelodi campus

Topic: Improving ECP student learning through appropriate levels of assessment

Prof Jennifer Case from Virginia Tech University

Topic: "Just flipping through the slides" Research evidence on how teaching influences student learning in engineering


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