Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the 18 months work?

There are two phases in the 18 months:  the first phase is 12 months (first and second semester) that you will spend at the Mamelodi Campus. The second phase is the third semester on the Hatfield campus. The 18 months work is equivalent to the first semester in mainstream programmes. The content is the same, but the lectures are conducted at a slower pace to give students more exposure and a strong foundation.

Is the Mamelodi Campus safe?

Mamelodi Campus is one of seven campuses of the University of Pretoria. We have excellent security on all our campuses. The surrounding area sometimes has unrest, but it has in the past never influenced the campus. If there is unrest in the area students are informed in time and the buses use a safer route or the classes are postponed. This unrest is only on very rare occasions.

Can I get into any programme from the Mamelodi campus?

Students that work hard and meet academic requirements can transfer to any degree at the University of Pretoria. More information about these requirements is on the individual Faculty’s websites.

Are the Extended Curriculum Programmes easy?

No. The content of the work is the exact content that is presented in the mainstream programmes. This is not a GAP year. Starting your studies on the Mamelodi Campus indeed requires hard work and dedication from a student to succeed in these programmes.

What support is there at the Mamelodi campus?

Students at the Mamelodi campus can expect personalized study methods if they request it. Students are encouraged to consult their lecturers and or tutors if they do not grasp the work. The classes are smaller, which makes the lecturer to student ratio easier for the students to interact with the lecturer or tutor. There is also psychological support for students that need it.

How long is the day and do we have free periods? 

The Extended Curriculum Programmes have a very busy timetable with days mostly starting at 08:00 and ending at 17:00. There are not many free periods. The BCom stream has more free periods during their second semester, but not in their first semester.

Is there sport presented on the Mamelodi Campus?

No. The Mamelodi campus has a very busy academic timetable and there is mostly no time for sport. There is, however, sport presented at most of the individual residences. Extended programme students should manage their academic commitments and sport if they wish to engage in sports activities since there is an assessment written every day. Students do casually entertain themselves with sport on campus during their rare off periods.

How do students get to the Mamelodi campus from Hatfield campus?

All students are transported from and to Hatfield campus by bus to and from Mamelodi Campus according to a bus schedule that will be shared with you. Students are welcome to drive to Mamelodi campus with their own transport if they wish, but the roads can get rough during the rainy season.

Is there parking for students on campus that want to travel with their own cars?

Yes. There is enough and safe parking on campus for students who want to drive to campus with their own cars.

Is there a University of Pretoria residence in Mamelodi?

There is no University of Pretoria residence in Mamelodi, but there are private accommodations for cheaper than in Hatfield. These private spaces are not accredited, which means that students need to pay for them privately. Students that are interested in these private spaces in Mamelodi can inquire about it during the Orientation week. Students wanting to live in residences are placed in any of the University of Pretoria undergraduate residences in Hatfield. There are also accredited private residences in Hatfield, which means they will be paid for by NSFAS.

Can I transfer to another Faculty in the middle of my Mamelodi campus year?

No. Students have to complete their year in Mamelodi to be considered for any other Faculty. They will also have to meet the requirements for the other Faculty to be considered for transfer. This transfer information is available for students on campus from their Faculty Student Advisors whom they will be introduced to during the Orientation week.

What if I get sick on campus?

The campus has a Student Health Clinic that is managed by a nurse. There is a doctor once a week for a certain period of time. In the case where a student falls ill and the nurse is not available, a student will be transported to the Hatfield campus Student Health. These services as well as Psychological services on campus are for free.

Do I need to travel to Hatfield campus or any other campus during the day?

No. All your classes and student services are presented on the Mamelodi Campus.

Is there a food outlet on campus?

Yes. There is a cafeteria on campus. Students can also use their student cards to buy at the cafeteria if they have loaded money for food on their cards. The cafeteria accepts cash as well as credit cards.

Is it necessary for me to attend the Orientation Week?

Yes. Students receive valuable information at the Orientation week that will not be repeated again during the year. The Orientation Week will be hosted on the Mamelodi campus. During Orientation Week, students are divided into their groups for the year. This is a very important opportunity to also make friends and get to know your campus and get your timetables before the classes start. During Orientation Week, all students also take part (with their permission) in Psychometric assessments that can assist them with their study methods and career exploration during the year. It is advised that students do NOT miss the Orientation week.

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