Digital Competencies in Education

The Department of Basic Education introduced the Professional Development Framework for Digital learning. This framework includes three main categories that address 13 digital competencies that teachers should possess. Competencies 1 to 10 are addressed during pre-service teacher development.

The application in pre-service teacher education
The Badges4Edu initiative seeks to integrate gamification as a pedagogical methodology while covertly integrating digital competencies into pre-service teacher training. At the same time, the DBE's proposed framework is also addressed through the modules presented. The lecturers involved choose an assignment, test or examination to transform into a digital competencies badge. By doing this assignment, students' digital competencies are developed. During the assessment process it is determined whether the desired competencies were developed. If this has occurred, the students are awarded digital badges on ClickUP.

Badges in different academic departments
The first five set of badges were designed in 2019. In 2020, there were 10 active badges in the faculty across different departments. The badges range from 3rd to 4th year, core and elective modules, both in subject-specific modules and methodologies. The end goal for this initiative is to incorporate badges into all modules presented in the Faculty to ensure that all 10 competencies are addressed during pre-service teacher training. All of the badges form part of the statement of competency that students receive at the end of their 4th year. The class of 2020 was the first group to receive a statement of competency. The current badges that can be found in the faculty can be seen below:

Module code Module name Badge name Brief description
OPV 312 Theme 3 Technology for 21st century Education
 in a Globalized and Socialized world
APPS4Edu Badge The design of an interactive learning intervention in a speciality field that incorporates a variety of APPS.
JLZ 300 Classroom literacies Digital Communicator for Teachers Badge Communicating in the wider school context: A presentation of a major school-related project based on given scenarios.
JLT 330

Methodology of e-learning

Mobile Teacher Badge

The participation in activities incorporating mobile technology for teaching and learning.
JLT 330 Methodology of e-learning Web Teacher Badge The design of a technology integrated assignment that deals with many e-learning and e-assessment aspects.
JFP 471 Professional practices DigiComp Badge The enhancement of beginner teachers’ digital competence and skill as part of their professional practices.

JMN 453


Methodology of Physical Science Tech-Savy Badge Demonstration and explanation of electromagnetism, through a narrated PowerPoint and submitted as a Science Demo on YouTube.
VNS 410 Methodology of Physical Science teaching Tech-Savy Badge Demonstration and explanation of electromagnetism, through a narrated PowerPoint and submitted as a Science Demo on YouTube.
JWI 310 Geometry

Digital Geometry Badge


The design of an  assessment on Circle Geometry using ClickUp; Geogebra software programme; Word; Equations; Online resources such as “go qr me”.
PRO 453 Teaching Practice (Lesson Study) Lesson Study Badge The participation in the Lesson Study phased approach which teachers collaboratively plan, teach and refine a lesson according to their specialities.


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