Starting the Lesson Study cluster

Guidelines will be provided on how to start a Lesson Study for:

  • Initial Teacher Development at UP:
  • Incorporate the Lesson Study in the methodology module for the undergraduate students.
  • Forge collaboration with few schools that are close to the university and use them for undergraduate students to demonstrate their proficiency in the lesson study cycle.
  • Dedicate one of the two lessons assessed during the teaching practice to the Lesson Study. 
  • Continuing Professional Development at:
  • school level (in-school Lesson Study): teachers who teach the same subject in one school constitute a Lesson Study cluster.
  • across the schools (circuit-level Lesson Study): schools in a circuit or local area/neighbourhood constitute a Lesson Study cluster.
  • across the circuits (district-level Lesson Study): circuits come together to host a district Lesson Study seminar.
  • across the districts (provincial Lesson Study): districts come together to host a provincial Lesson Study seminar (preferably once a year).
  • across the provinces (national lesson study): provinces come together to host a national Lesson Study seminar/conference (preferably once a year)

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