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Prominent Publications: Department Jurisprudence




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Race, history, irresolution:  Reflections on City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality v Afriforum and the limits of "post"-apartheid constitutionalism

De Jure, 52

Modiri JM

An empirical study of the early cases in the pilot equality courts established in terms of the Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discrimination Act 4 of 2000

African Human Rights Law Journal, 19 (1)

Kok JA, Botha L

How to Make Sense of the Civil Prohibition of Hate Speech in Terms of the Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discrimination Act 4 of 2000 

Southern African Public Law (Sa Public Law), 34 (1)

Kok JA, Botha L

The South African Constitution's empty promise of "radical transformation": unequal access to quality education for black and/or poor learners in the public basic education system 

Law, Democracy and Development, 23

Arendse LE

Militarisation, the state of exception, and fascism in South African universities

Acta Academica, 51 (1)

Reinders MB




Title of article



Ecofeminism and an ethic of care:  Developing an eco-jurisprudence

Acta Academica, 50 (1)

Cross CL

The lack of protection for juvenile sex offenders in South African law: a critical analysis of Section 50(2) of the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences and Related Matters) Amendment, Act 32 of 2007 and Section 18 of the Criminal Procedure, Act 51 of 1977

De Jure, 1 (51)

de Bruyn D

Conquest and constitutionalism: first thoughts on an alternative jurisprudence

South African Journal On Human Rights, 34 (3)

Modiri JM

Modernities and the Making of Worlds

Law And Literature, 30 (1)

van Marle K

'Life is Not Simply Fact':  Aesthetics, Atmosphere and the Neoliberal University

Law And Critique, 29

van Marle K


Convergence or Divergence in Text and Context? Reflections on Constitutional Preambles in the Constitution-making Exercises of Post-independence Cameroon and Post-apartheid South Africa

Southern African Public Law (SA Public Law), 33 (2)

Wanki JN





Title of article



Spatial justice, relationality and the right to family life: A discussion of Hattingh v Juta 2013 3 SA 275 (CC)

Stellenbosch Law Review, 28 (2)

De Villiers I

Emergency regimes in Cameroon: Derogations of failures of law?

African journal of international and comparative law/Revue africaine de droit international et compare, 25 (4)

Kamdem Kamga GE

The promotion of equality and prevention of unfair discrimination Act 4 of 2000: How to balance religious freedom and other human rights in the higher education sphere

South African Journal of Higher Education, 31 (6)

Kok JA

Social Justice in a Time of Neo-apartheid Constitutionalism:  Critiquing the Anti-Black Economy of Recognition, Incorporation and Distribution

Stellenbosch Law Review, 28 (1)

Madlingozi T


The complicity of language, knowledge and justice 

Acta Academica , 49 (1)

van Marle K

The value of participation and legitimacy in the constitution-making processes of post-independence Cameroon and post-apartheid South Africa

Comparative and international law journal of Southern Africa, 50 (1)

Wanki JN




Title of article



Leibniz, Lefebvre and the spatial turn in law

HTS Teologiese Studies-Theological Studies, 72 (1)

De Villiers I

Starting the Emergency Process:  Some Reflections on Presidential Prerogatives in South Africa and Cameroon in Time of Turmoil

Verfassung und Recht in Ubersee/Law and politics in Africa, Asia and Latin America, 1 (49)

Kamdem Kamga GE

The mandament van spolie, the restitution of unlawful possession and the impact of the Constitution, 1996 - Ngqukumba v Minister of Safety and Security

Tydskrif vir Hedendaagse Romeins-Hollandse reg/Journal of contemporary Roman-Dutch law, 79 (2)

Kleyn DG, Bekink B

The Time and Space of Critical Legal Pedagogy

Stellenbosch Law Review, 27 (3)

Modiri JM

Contested Terrain:  Identity and Women's Suffrage in Mauritius

Journal of Southern African Studies, 42 (6)

Ramtohul R

Honeste Viviere: Ulpian's praeceptum iuris as manifested in the Roman law of marraige.

Studia Universitatis Babes-Bolyai. Serie: Iurisprudentia, 2 (2)

Van Niekerk G, Kleyn DG

Realist evolutionary functionalism and extra-constitutional grounds for developing the common law of delict:  A critical analysis of Heroldt v Wills 2013 2 SA 530 (GSJ)

Tydskrif vir Hedendaagse Romeins-Hollandse reg/Journal of Contemporary Roman-Dutch law, 1 (79)

Zitzke E


[October 2020]
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