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JT Enrichment Camp for first- to final-year students

The JuniorTukkie Enrichment Camp for first- to final-year JuniorTukkie Student Society members is held annually. Members of the JuniorTukkie Student Ambassador's Society (JTSAS) will be invited by the JuniorTukkie Offfice. Attendance to this Camp is by invitation only.  

The aim of the JuniorTukkie Student Society is for JuniorTukkies to plough back their time and knowledge to the benefit of the JuniorTukkie programme. Members also endeavour to give back to the community what they have received as JuniorTukkie members, especially as it benefits other young people. It is not all about work, though - socialising and using one's skills and talent can make a huge difference in other people's lives. The motto of the Society is "the more you give, the more you will receive."

The JuniorTukkie Enrichment Camp programme includes the following sessions:

  • Time management
  • How to structure a society
  • My JuniorTukkie dream
  • Motivational presentations such as "Good versus Great"
  • TuksAlumni
  • TuksSport
  • Community-based Project Module (JCP) in the Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology
  • Community engagement
  • Entrepreneurship

Every year, students agree that the gained valuable knowledge and experience at the Enrichment Camp.

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