The following students have completed their research in the ITI since 1994:

T. van Harmelen. 1991. MEng (Electronic): Computer-assisted education.
G.F. Meintjes. 1996. MEng (Management of Technology): The effect of competition policy on technological innovation.
W.L. Gadinabokao. 1997. MSc in Engineering Management: Policy aspects around international technology transfer for South Africa.
E.G. Hildebrand. 1997. MEng (Management of Technology): Innovation-Based Intellectual Property Strategies.
C. Prinsloo. 1997. MEng (Management of Technology): An Analysis of the Links Between Academic Research, Competitiveness and the National System of Innovation in South Africa.
A. Botha. 1997. MBA: The development of a system dynamics model to simulate dynamic behavior of technology substitution.
G. Korf. 1997. MEng (Management of Technology): Merging of Technologies - A systematic approach to technological constraints.
F.C. Smit. 1997. MEng (Management of Technology): Technological Innovation in Electronic Initiation Systems in the South African mining industry.
J.J. Wagner. 1998. MEng (Management of Technology): The incubation of technology intensive new businesses.
R. Geldenhuys. 1998. MEng (Management of Technology): Modelling strategic response to technological change.
G.T. Du Preez. 1998. MEng (Management of Technology): The development of a methodology for the assessment of technological threats and opportunities.
J.C. Mentz. 1998. M.Eng (Management of Technology): Developing a competence audit for technological innovation.
W. Peters. 1998. MEng (Management of Technology): Optimising equipment procurement by the use of technology management principles.
E.R. Van Jaarsveld. 1998. MA degree in Anthropology: An assessment of the impact of water technology on quality of life.
T.S. Phophi. 1998. MSc in Plant Pathology: An impact assessment of citrus canker disease.
A. Canca. 1999. MSc (Management of Technology): The Impact of Technology on Genetic Diseases.
D. Simitopoulos. 1999. M.Sc (Management of Technology): A framework for scenario building in knowledge-based organisations.
M. Brink. 1999. PhD (Management of Technology): Development of a new model to forecast the systems in the forest engineering value chain and the application thereof in the South African context.
A. Wewege. 1999. MEng (Management of Technology): The management and protection of intellectual property.
L. Malebo. 2002. MSc (Management of Technology): The analysis of the diffusion of personal telecommunications in South Africa.
Mr I. Le Grange. 2002. MEng. (Management of Technology): Maintenance technology transfer in the South African aviation industry.
Z. Adrabo. 2002. MEng. (Management of Technology): Assessment of technological threats and opportunities in emerging communication technologies.
A. Thomas. 2003. MEng. (Engineering Management): Impact assessment of transgenic plants in the rural community.
J. Hawkins. 2003. MEng (Engineering Management): A strategy for divestment of technology-based medium sized business in South Africa with view to empowerment partnerships.

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