Author Guidelines

Innovate serves a multi-disciplinary readership, so articles should serve multi-disciplinary or multi-institutional areas of interest. Authors are requested to write their articles in a style that is intelligible to specialists and non-specialists alike (i.e. in “plain” English).
  • Specialist language should therefore be defined/explained, as well as terms commonly used in the author’s engineering discipline. The use of acronyms is discouraged.
  • The use of mathematical equations and chemical formulae should be minimised or avoided if at all possible.

Only articles that reflect state-of-the-art research and development in the University of Pretoria will be considered for publication. The following guidelines regarding presentation of editorial content should be adhered to, if relevant to the subject matter:
  • What were the research goals?
  • What research methodology was followed?
  • What were the main findings?
  • State any high-profile national or international collaborators.
  • Please state if the research contribution links up in any way to an event/issue that is topical or currently in the news.
  • Discuss innovative/novel contributions to the state-of-the-art in the specific subject field.
  • What are the implications of the research contributions stated above? (e.g. societal contributions; reductions of pollution; optimised industrial processes; etc.).
  • If any recent technical papers emanated from the research work, please provide full paper reference/s. These references would be offered as further reading for interested readers.

Length and Format: Short articles are approximately 250 words in length; Essays are approximately 1200 words in length; Main articles are approximately 3500 words in length. Articles should be typewritten in MS Word. Photos and figures should be submitted seperately as high-resolution (> 300 dpi) jpg files. Authors must include the following details at the end of each article:
  • Title, Name and surname
  • Position and academic department
  • E-mail address
  • Contact phone number
  • Portrait photograph 

Submissions: Contributions should be e-mailed to Chantelle Janse van Rensburg  ([email protected]). Each issue of the magazine will cover the following categories of items:
  • Innovation news
  • Feature articles
  • The leader's agenda
  • Essays
  • Community development
  • Achievements
  • Reviews (books and products)
  • Final word by leading professionals

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