Data Clustering: Applications and Trends

Posted on December 15, 2023

Clustering has primarily been used as an analytical technique to group unlabelled data for extracting meaningful information. The fact that no clustering algorithm can solve all clustering problems has resulted in the development of several clustering algorithms with diverse applications.
We review data clustering, intending to underscore recent applications in selected industrial sectors and other notable concepts. In this paper, we begin by highlighting clustering components and discussing classification terminologies. Furthermore, specific, and general applications of clustering are discussed. Notable concepts on clustering algorithms, emerging variants, measures of similarities/dissimilarities, issues surrounding clustering optimization, validation and data types are outlined.
Suggestions are made to emphasize the continued interest in clustering techniques both by scholars and Industry practitioners. Key findings in this review show the size of data as a classification criterion and as data sizes for clustering become larger and varied, the determination of the optimal number of clusters will require new feature extracting methods, validation indices and clustering techniques.
In addition, clustering techniques have found growing use in key industry sectors linked to the sustainable development goals such as manufacturing, transportation and logistics, energy, and healthcare, where the use of clustering is more integrated with other analytical techniques than a stand-alone clustering technique.
Prof. George Thopil & Gbeminiyi J Oyewole

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