Virtual Public Seminar: (25 November 2020) - Exploring the branches of the Systems Landscape… Think Systems…Act Systems…Do Systems. Brigitte Daniel-Allegro, Senior Expert in System Thinking and Dependability Design

Posted on October 29, 2020

Technologies, communications and wide scale accessibility to information have reshaped the essence of work in any enterprise. It is not only a matter of solving new & more complex problems but the key point is to be able to understand the fuzzy, chaotic, changing situation of the environment in order to address the right problem. While exploring complex environments, the « Systems Thinker in Action » has the delicate task to think about how to consider new paradigms, how to design breakthrough viable solutions and how to maintain and build new assets of the enterprise.

About our speaker

Brigitte Daniel-Allegro is a Senior Expert in Systems Thinking and Dependability Design, She built her experience on dependability concerns, systems engineering (SE) and systems thinking (ST) in the nuclear industry and aeronautics (Airbus). At the Airbus design office she introduced SE, ST and the value of human experience in the early 1990's. She designed and facilitated an internal course on aeronautical system design aiming at promoting human capital in the enterprise and encouraging proactive behaviour across organisations. It was a big success and was still operational in 2019. She deployed SE for supporting Airbus development programs (A380) as well as organizational transformation projects. She focused on managerial approaches able to synchronize silo organizations while piloting transversal activities.

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