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The following programmes of postgraduate study are available:

Forestry Science (Research Multi-disciplinary)

 Forestry Science (Research Multi-disciplinary) 

Forest Management and the Environment (Coursework-Multi-disciplinary)

The purpose of this option is to equip graduates with a biological and/or agricultural background to specialise further to obtain skills in environmental management and in sustainable forest resource use and management. On completion of the training, candidates should be conversant with the multifunctional nature of the forest resource base and be equipped to render advice concerning forest resource use and management with an understanding of the environmental consequences associated with exploitative use of natural resources. This includes grounding in forest resource use and management, including yield regulations in natural and commercial forest systems, participatory approaches to natural resource management, ecosystem structure, composition and function, ecosystem services, notions of ecosystem health, control of invasive species and community restoration, understanding of local communities, forestry and rural development, participatory planning and monitoring, the forest harvesting schedules and logistics, non-timber forest products, the science of wood and forest wood products utilisation, understanding of the basic economics of natural resources and social development and planning.

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