Currently Enrolled Students

MSc in Forest Management and Environment 


Name: Guada Kabia

Research tittle: Gender Inclusiveness on Forest Resource Use and Governance, Comparative Study on Community Forest Versus Government Reserve

Supervisor (s): Prof Paxie W Chirwa


Name: Walter Mupezuwenu

Research tittle: Land Sharing and Land Sparing in Kalahari Sand Forests: Implications on Agro-Biodiversity.

Supervisor (s): Prof Paxie W Chirwa


Name: Pililani Khoza

Research title: Impact of prescribed fires on species diversity, richness, stand structure and regeneration in selected Village Forest Areas (VFAs) in Zomba

Supervisor (s): Prof Paxie W Chirwa


MSc in Forest Science


Name: Margaret Mugure

Research title: Factors affecting establishment of natural forest regeneration within invasive alien plant stands in South Africa 

Supervisor (s): Prof Coert J Geldenhuys; Prof Paxie W Chirwa


Name: Thomas Aromye

Research title: Composition and stand dynamics of Ntabelanga natural forests around  Maclear area, Eastern Cape, South Africa 

Supervisor (s): Prof Coert Geldenhuys; Prof Paxie W Chirwa




PhD in Forest Science


Name: Monica Gondwe

Research title: Influence of Miombo woodland management, drivers on land use/cover and forest change, woody composition/diversity, population structure in Malawi

Supervisor (s): Prof  Paxie W Chirwa; Prof Moses Anzo Cho 



Name:  Malunga M.M

Research title: Correlation Between Forest Cover Change and Climate Variables in Agroecological Zone II of Zambia

Supervisor (s): Prof  Paxie W Chirwa; Prof Moses Anzo Cho 



Name:  Orgely Doris I. Assogba

Research title: Germination ecology and dynamic of baobab (Adansonia digitata L.) in Benin

Supervisor (s): Prof  Paxie W Chirwa; Prof. Achille E. Assogbadjo


Name: Faura Mariza Cangy Amade

Research title: Structural characterization and genetic diversity of Mangroves in Mozambique 

Supervisor (s): Prof Paxie W Chirwa; Dr Carel Oosthuizen


Name:  Ferdinand Handavu

Research title: Modelling carbon dynamics of the Zambian miombo woodland ecosystems

Supervisor (s): Prof Paxie W Chirwa; Prof Stephen Siyampungani; Dr. Moses Cho




Name: Opeyemi Adeyemi

Research tittle: Assessing the impacts of demands for multiple ecosystem services on land use change in an ecosystem-dependent community: case study of Omo Biosphere Reserve, Nigeria

Supervisor (s): Prof Paxie W Chirwa, Dr F Babalola


Name: Harold Chisale

Research tittle: Assessing the vulnerability, resilience and climate adaptive strategies of forest dependent communities in central and southern Malawi

Supervisor (s): Prof Paxie W Chirwa


Name: Muedanyi Mfhumudzi Ramantswana

Research tittle: An assessment and forecast of silviculture re-establishment technology in eucalyptus plantations

Supervisor (s): Prof M Brink, Prof K Little, Prof PW Chirwa


Name: Mwale Chishaleshale Mumba

Research tittle: Exploring the Potential of Cryptosepalum Forest for Carbon Sequestration in North Western Zambia

Supervisor (s): Prof PW Chirwa, Prof S Syampungani


Name: Uta Rein Atebeh

Research tittle: My research topic is: Assessment of Ecosystem Services and Carbon Sequestration of Urban Trees in the Coastal City of Limbe, Cameroon

Supervisor (s): Prof PW Chirwa, Prof William Armand Mala




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