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Gauteng Health Research and Innovation Summit

Evidence and innovation for long and healthy lives: confronting risks and unlocking the potentials


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Conducting research that is robust, scientific, ethical and widespread is seen by government as being central to a successful health system in South Africa.

The focus of the summit is to promote and strengthen the state of translational research and health system strengthening as well as patient safety in the Province. It includes defining approaches and strategies to create a networking environment for various stakeholders within the healthcare system to share research outputs and outcomes for health benefit pertaining to Patient Safety and translating them into practice. There is a need to encourage researchers, practitioners and managers to use research outcomes for evidence based planning and share strategies and innovations to improve health systems performance (effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability etc.)

The Gauteng Research and Innovation Summit would be two days symposium/conference organised by the Gauteng Department of Health with its stakeholders/partners aimed at bringing a full range of players involved in health systems policy making, delivery and those dedicated to strengthening of the health systems through innovation.

The Summit aims to create a learning opportunity that will bring together academia, administrators, students, community representatives, Oversight bodies, Community Leaders, Legislators, Health Service Providers, Exhibitors and leaders from across the Gauteng City Region to increase awareness of the need to use evidence and improve stakeholder participation in the delivery of an effective health system.

The Research Summit will be held on 15 and 16 February 2018, culminating in the Khanyisa Awards in the evening at the Birchwood Confernce Centre, Ekurhuleni.

The operating model will be driven by the following four pillars:

  • Health System Strengthening
  • Innovation
  • Patient Safety and Quality Care
  • Translational Research



Total No. of participants will be approximately 700 guests: 

  • 300 will be guests of the Research Summit and
  • 400 will be Departmental staff that will be attending the Annual Khanyisa Awards on the evening of day 2.


Birchwood Conference Centre, Ekurhuleni.


Research unit and CSIR will compile the list of possible exhibitors and submit to the logistics team. Exhibitors will be charged a sponsorship fee, but registration for all other attendees will be free. A statement on the ethics of sponsorship should be drafted.


Funders can only be approached once the steering committee is clear regarding the purpose and theme of the summit

A budget of R1 600 000 has been approximated. A breakdown of the activities will be done. 


This conference website is to provide up-to-date information to the participants. This site may be accessd directly from

Attempts will be made to publish the proceedings of the summit in one of the South African Journals.


Meetings should be held every week. Meetings can be in different formats: physical, emails, skype, etc. Most pressing issues will be discussed online.
The co-chair will be meeting with the chair finalise the purpose of the summit based on the ideas of the committee members as well as way forward.

- Author Jan Kleinsmit
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