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Academic Programmes as presented by the Department Jurisprudence



LLB Modules

The Department of Jurisprudence present the following modules:

  • JUR 110 Jurisprudence 
  • JUR 120 Jurisprudence 
  • Rom 120 Roman Law 
  • JUR 310 Jurisprudence
  • AMR 410 Law and Transformation 
  • JUR 420 Jurisprudence
  • CLW 420 Law and the Community.

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LLM/MPhil Degrees

Course work

The Department offers two LLM/MPhil programmes

  • The history and philosophy of human rights
  • Post-apartheid jurisprudence
  • Global perspectives on law, rights and development.



LLD/PhD Degrees

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Please access the Yearbook of the Faculty of Law for more information.

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