Academic Seminar Series

First Semester 2019

Seminars are held in Tukkiewerf, Room [1-37], at 13:00 on Mondays and Wednesdays. For more information about the series, contact Rangan Gupta and Alexander Zimper.

Other presentations in connection with the Economics department, for instance, Ph.D. defenses, workshops, and (mini-) conferences, are also listed on this schedule.

The schedule is continuously updated, so do check regularly!

Date Presenter, Affiliation and Topic
Wednesday, January, 16 Prof. Theodore Panagiotidis
(University of Macedonia)
"Twitter versus Traditional News Media: Evidence for the Sovereign Bond Markets."
Wednesday, January, 30 Prof. Theophile Azomahou
(CNRS, University of Clermont Auvergne, CERDI, Maastricht University)
"Complementarity Versus Substitution in Programmes Package: Evidence on Deworming and School Feeding in Rural Senegal."
Monday, February, 18 Ms. Theshne Kisten
(University of Pretoria)
"A Financial Stress Index for South Africa: A Time-Varying Correlation Approach."
Monday, February, 25 Dr. Juan Paez-Farrell
(University of Sheffield)
"International Monetary Policy Coordination: A Robust Control Approach."
Monday, March, 4 Mr. Kuba Szczygielski
(University of Pretoria)
"Are Macroeconomic Factors Adequate Proxies for Systematic Influences in Stock Returns?"
Wednesday, March6 Dr. Goodness C. Aye
(University of Pretoria)
"Fiscal Policy Uncertainty and Economic Activity in South Africa: An Asymmetric Analysis."
Monday, March, 11 Prof. Alexander Zimper
(University of Pretoria)
"Bargaining Over Loan Contracts with Market-Savvyness Signaling."
Monday, March, 18 Prof. Frank Riedel
(Bielefeld University)
"Viability and Arbitrage under Knightian Uncertainty."
Monday, April, 8 Ms. Michelle Vogelzang
Wednesday, April, 17 Mr. Francois Stofberg
(University of Pretoria)
"Dynamic Fiscal Incidence Modelling in South Africa."
Monday, May, 13 Dr. Volker Schoer
(University of Witwatersrand)
Monday, May, 20 Prof. Daniela Casale
(University of Witwatersrand)
Wednesday, May, 22 Prof. Paul Alagidede
(University of Witwatersrand)
Wednesday, May, 29 Prof. Rangan Gupta
(University of Pretoria)

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