Past Seminars: 2017_1

First Semester 2017

Seminars are held in Tukkiewerf, Room [1-37], at 13:00 on Wednesdays. For more information about the series, contact either Manoel Bittencourt or Rangan Gupta.

Other presentations in connection with the Economics department, for instance, Ph.D. defenses, workshops, and (mini-) conferences, are also listed on this schedule.

The schedule is continuously updated, so do check regularly!

Date Presenter, Affiliation and Topic

Tuesday, January, 24

Prof. Pierre Fleckinger
(University Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne)
"Game of Frauds."
Wednesday, February, 1 Ph.D. Student Presentations

Friday, February, 3

(Ph.D. Defense, 11:00-12:00)

Ms. Carolyn Cisadza
(University of Pretoria)
"Essays on Political Economy in Sub-Saharan Africa."

Monday, February, 13

(Ph.D. Defense)

Ms. Kafayat Amusa 
(University of Pretoria)
"Essays on Foreign Aid in Sub-Saharan Africa."
Thursday, February, 23 Dr. Enzo Dia
(University of Milan)
"Fixed Costs and Capital Regulation: Impacts on Endogenous Entry and Aggregate Loan Quality."
Monday, February, 27 Dr. Somik Lall
(The World Bank)
"African Cities."
Wednesday, March, 1 Prof. Roula Inglesi-Lotz
(University of Pretoria)
"Renewable Energy Efficiency in South Africa."
Wednesday, March, 8 Dr. Montfort Mlachila
(International Monetary Fund)
"Commodity Price Shocks and Financial Sector Fragility."
Wednesday, March, 15 Prof. Simon Quinn
(University of Oxford)
"Anonymity or Distance: Experimental Evidence on Obstacles to Youth Employment Opportunities."
Thursday, March, 16 Dr. Peter Backus
(University of Manchester)
"Gender, Competition and Performance: Evidence from Real Tournaments."

Wednesday, March, 29

Prof. James Fenske
(University of Warwick)
"Resources, Conflict, and Economic Development in Africa."
Wednesday, April, 5 Dr. Co-Pierre George
(University of Cape Town)
"Illiquidity Spirals in Coupled Over-the-Counter Markets."
Wednesday, April, 19 Dr. Daniel Opolot
(University of Cape Town)
"Contagion and Stochastic Evolution in Networks."
Tuesday, April, 25 Dr. Vo Phuong Mai Le
(Cardiff University)
"A Note on News about the Future: The Impact on DSGE Models and their VAR Representation."

Wednesday, April, 26

(Ph.D. Defense, 13:00-14:00)

Mr. Christian Tipoy
(University of Pretoria)
"On the Impact of Exchange Rate Misalignments on Economic Growth Using Homogeneous Emerging Countries."
Wednesday, May, 3 Prof. Steven F. Koch
(Univeristy of Pretoria)
"Semiparametric Equivalence Scales: An Update and Effects on Out-of-Pocket Payments."
Wednesday, May, 17 Prof. Rangan Gupta
(University of Pretoria)
"A Time-Varying cay."
Wednesday, May, 24 Dr. Kaushal Kishore
(Univeristy of Pretoria)
"Tax Competition, Policy Competition and the Strategic Use of Ownership Restrictions on Foreign Direct Investments."
Monday, May, 29 Dr. Yoseph Getachew and Dr. Eleni Yitbarek
(University of Pretoria)
"Share the Love: Parental Bias, Women Empowerment and Intergenerational Mobility."

Wednesday, May, 31 


Dr. Gael Giraud
"GEMMES: GEneral Monetary Multisectoral Macrodynamics for the Ecological Shifts."
Monday, June, 26 Prof. Meeta Keswani Mehra
(Jawaharlal Nehru University)
"Economic Growth, Trade and Investment in BRICS."

Friday, July, 7

(Ph.D. Defense, 10:00-11:00)

Mr. Charl Jooste
(University of Pretoria)
"Essays in Fiscal Policy."

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