Past Seminars: 2016_2

Second Semester 2016

Seminars are held in Tukkiewerf, Room [1-37], at 13:00 on Wednesdays. For more information about the series, contact either Manoel Bittencourt or Rangan Gupta.

Other presentations in connection with the Economics department, for instance, Ph.D. defenses, workshops, and (mini-) conferences, are also listed on this schedule.

The schedule is continuously updated, so do check regularly!

Date Presenter, Affiliation and Topic

Tuesday, July, 12

(11:00-12:00, Ph.D. Defense)

Mrs Nichola M. Nicholls
(University of Pretoria)
"Probability Perceptions, Decision Making and Aging."
Thursday, August, 4 Prof. Augustin K. Fosu
(University of Ghana and Pretoria)
"African Economic Growth: Productivity, Policy Syndromes and Institutions."
Wednesday, August, 10 Dr. Leandro De Magalhaes
(University of Bristol)
"War and the Transition Away from Absolutism."

Wednesday, August, 17

Ms. Kehinde Omotoso
(University of Pretoria)
"Explaining Socio-Economic Inequality in Health in South Africa: A Decomposition Analysis."
Monday, August, 22 Mr. Bernard Iyke
(University of South Africa (UNISA))
"How Important is Trade Openness to CEE Countries? Panel Evidence."
Wednesday, August, 24 Dr. Dambala Gelo
(University of Cape Town)
"Cooperation, Transaction Cost and Heterogeneous Consumption-Saving Effects: Evidence from Natural Experiment."
Wednesday, August, 31 Dr. Reyno Seymore
(University of Pretoria)
"Importance of Elasticities in CGE Models."
Wednesday, September, 14 Mrs. Jessika Bohlmann
(University of Pretoria)
"Energy and Environmental Policy in South Africa."
Monday, September, 19 Job Market Candidate Seminars
Wednesday, September, 21 Prof. Ruthira Naraidoo
(University of Pretoria)
"Open Economy, Financial Markets, Zero Bound and Quantitative Easing."
Monday, September, 26  Job Market Candidate Seminars

Thursday, October, 13

Ms. Tumisang Loate
(University of Pretoria)
"Banking Stability and Keeping up with the Riches."
Monday, October 17 Ms. Christine Makanza
(University of Cape Town)
"The Role of Non-Traded Goods in Current Account and Exchange Rate Determination: A DSGE Analysis."
Wednesday, October, 26 Dr. Yoseph Getachew
(University of Pretoria)
"Higher Education Subsidy and Equity-Efficiency Tradeoff."
Wednesday, November, 2 Prof. Rangan Gupta
(University of Pretoria)
"Forecasting Stock Returns: The Role of Partisan Conflict."
Wednesday, November, 9 Dr. Kaushal Kishore
(University of Pretoria)
"Dynamic Tax Competition, Home Bias and the Gain from Non-preferential Agreements: A Case for Unilateral Commitment."
Wednesday, November 16

Mr. Bonginkosi Mamba
(University of Pretoria)
"A Critical Review of Economic Globalisation and Conflict with Specific Focus on Trade."

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