Past Seminars: 2014_2

Second Semester 2014

All Seminars are held in Tukkiewerf, Room [1-37], at 13:00 on Mondays, unless otherwise stated. Depending on the availability, seminar papers will be uploaded in the links provided below. For more information, contact Manoel Bittencourt and Rangan Gupta.

Other presentations in connection with the Economics program, for instance, Ph.D. defenses, student seminars, are also listed on this schedule. Locations are noted if not held at Tukkiewerf, Room [1-37].

This schedule is continuously updated, so do check regularly!


Date Presenter, Affiliation and Topic
Tuesday, August, 5

Prof. Kaushal Kishore
(Centre for Development Studies)
"Tax Competition, Imperfect Capital Mobility and the Gain from Non-Preferential Agreements."

Wednesday, August, 6 Dr. Djiby Racine Thiam
(University of Bonn)
"Implications of Water Policy Reforms for Virtual Water Trade between South Africa and its Trade Partners: Economy-Wide Approach."

Monday, August, 11

 Prof. Francis M. Kemegue
(Framingham State University)
"The Extremes of Arbitrage in a Financial Crisis: Evidence from Multiple Listed Equity Prices."
Monday, August, 18 Dr. Matteo Bonato
"Risk Spillovers in International Equity Portfolios."

Monday, August, 25

 Mr. Nico Katzke
(Stellenbosch University)
"Increased Homogeneity between BRICS Sector Returns."

Monday, September, 8

Prof. Andreas Freytag
(Jena University)
"Brinkmanship in Euroland? The Political Economy of European Rescue Packages."

Monday, September, 15

Dr. Tim Willems
(Nuffield College, University of Oxford)
"Dictators Walking the Mogadishu Line: How Men Become Monsters and Monsters Become Men."
Monday, September, 22  Dr. Yoseph Getachew
(University of Pretoria)
"Redistributive Policies and Inequality-Growth Trade-Offs."

Monday, October, 13

 Prof. Neil Rankin
(Stellenbosch University)
"Testing Trade Theory: The Retail Price Impact of Clothing Quotas in South Africa."

Monday, October, 27

 Prof. Ronelle Burger
(Stellenbosch University)
"Examining Health Seeking Behaviour and Provider Preference in South Africa."

Monday, November, 10-Tuesday, November, 11

The Second Economic Theory Workshop: Economies with Asymmetric Information

Brownbags and Student Seminars

Date Presenter, Affiliation and Topic
Wednesday, August, 20  Mr. Mulatu F. Zerihun
(University of Pretoria)
"Exchange Rate Based Policy Coordination in the SADC Towards Monetary Union."

Wednesday, August, 27

Dr. Ma Wei
(University of Pretoria)
"Smoothing of Aggregate Demand and the Existence of Equilibrium for Large, Non-Convex Economies with Incomplete Markets."

Wednesday, September, 10

 Prof. Ruthira Naraidoo
(University of Pretoria)
"Ehrlic-Becker Banking with Financial Intermediation and Systemic Risk."
Wednesday, October, 15  Nicky Nicholls
(University of Pretoria)
"Do Likelihood Judgements Exhibit an Inverse S-Shape?"
Wednesday, November, 05

Prof. Rangan Gupta
(University of Pretoria)
"Endogenous Discount Factor, Growth and Inflation."

Thursday, November, 27 (14:00, PhD Defense) Mr. Mulatu F. Zerihun
(University of Pretoria)
"Essays on the Proposed Monetary Integration in the Southern African Development Community."
Tuesday, December, 9 (14:00, PhD Defense) Mr. Laban K. Chesang
(University of Pretoria)
"Essays in Monetary and Fiscal Policy."

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