Tips for keeping your electronic devices safe

A minor distraction is all it takes for a laptop, tablet or cell phone to vanish. If your device goes missing, all the valuable information stored on it may fall into the hands of an identity thief, not to mention the inconvenience the loss of this information causes.

Keep these tips in mind when you’re out and about with your electronic devices: 


·         Treat your laptop, tablet and cell phone like cash.

·         Lock your laptop with a security cable.

·         Be on guard in any public spaces.

·         Consider an alarm for your laptop.

·         Consider carrying your laptop or tablet in something less conspicuous than a laptop bag or just a tablet cover.



·         Leave your laptop, tablet or cell phone unattended — even for just a moment.

·         Leave your laptop, tablet or cell phone in the car.

·         Keep passwords with your laptop or tablet or in its case or cover.




Published by Linda-Louise Meyer

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