Tips for Staying Safe on a Night Out


A new social life and great nights out are all part of the university experience. A little forethought before going out will ensure a night to remember for the right reasons.


Take responsibility 

Take responsibility for yourself on a night out. Let someone know where you’re going and what time you expect to be back.


Plan ahead 

Know how you will get home – plan ahead, particularly if you’re going to a part of town you don’t know. Walking may not be the best option, but if you have to, do not walk home alone in the dark. Keep to well-lit, busy streets, main roads and footpaths. Avoid badly lit areas, parks, alleyways and underpasses.



Ensure your mobile phone is charged and has enough airtime.


Watch how much you drink 

It is much easier to do something risky or foolish when you’re drunk; and you’re much more likely to lose your keys, cash or phone when you’ve had too much to drink.


Be aware 

Keep track of what you’re drinking, as well as how much. Drinks do get spiked with drugs, so do not leave your drink unattended or accept a drink from a stranger.



Safety in numbers

Always leave a club or pub with a friend or a group of friends.




Published by Linda-Louise Meyer

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