ATM Security Tips


Only use ATMs in well-lit, high-traffic areas. 

If the lights aren't working, don't use that machine. Stay alert. Look out for suspicious individuals or circumstances. If you feel uncomfortable, trust your instincts and leave the area.


Have your ATM card for your transaction ready and in your hands. 

Opening your wallet or purse can be time consuming and also provides a potential thief with easier access to your valuables.


Never tell anyone your PIN. 

Never tell anyone your personal identification number (PIN) and be sure to shield the keypad with your hand when entering your PIN. To further reduce the risk of fraud, memorise your PIN and never write it down.


Be wary of strangers 

Be wary of strangers who offer to help you, even if you are experiencing difficulty with your transaction. Don't allow others to distract you while you're banking.


Beware of card swopping. 

Make sure the card you get back from the ATM after your transaction is yours.


Don't count or expose your money after your transaction. 

 As soon as you receive your money and bank receipt, put them away and leave the ATM area.



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