Department Policies

Department Policies
1.         GENERAL
It is expected of students to display professional conduct in all activities related to this course and to their programme of study. The following guidelines will be adhered to:
1.1 Conduct in class
Students are expected to conduct themselves professionally in class, as their conduct contributes to creating a positive learning environment for their class mates. This includes being punctual and attentive. Lecturers have the right to dismiss students who are late or who are disruptive to the class.
1.2 Class attendance
Students are expected to attend all lectures and other scheduled class activities. Class attendance is not optional. The lecturer may record attendance at any time, or give unannounced class tests or assignments, and can incorporate students’ performance in these into the assessment and/or semester mark for the course.  Absence from scheduled activities, for good reasons, has to be supported by a letter of explanation with supporting documents, to be handed in at the Head of Department’s office.
1.3 Late submission of assignments
Timeliness in the completion of tasks is a professional value that is important to practise in this programme. In general, no leeway is given with regard to the deadlines for class assignments and tasks. Lecturers will generally not accept late submissions. Lecturers will however attempt to coordinate the dates for assignments and tasks to achieve a reasonable spread of submission dates throughout the semester.  No scheduled classes will be cancelled to give students extra time to complete assignments for other courses.
1.4 Sick tests
Doctors’ letters or other documentation, as required by the University of Pretoria to support legitimate absence from a semester test, must be handed in at the Head of Department’s office within the prescribed time after the test. Sick tests for most courses will be taken once per semester approximately two weeks after the end of the second block week, and will typically cover all the work done in the semester. The programme for the sick tests will be posted on the notice boards.
1.5 Academic dishonesty
The University of Pretoria regards academic dishonesty in a very serious light. Dishonest practices such as copying of others students’ work without attribution, or plagiarizing from other published or unpublished sources, can lead to a suspension from the programme and/or expulsion form the University. For more information on the topic, students can consult
1.1 Grievance procedures
The Department and its lecturers want to create an environment that promotes fairness, and rewards honesty and professionalism. Students who have grievances about any aspect of the programme are welcome to use the proper channels to address them. Grievances must firstly be taken up with the Head of Department (not with other lecturers), failing which the Faculty’s formal grievance procedures are available.

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