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Transportation is a cross-sectoral enterprise that requires skills across a broad range of disciplines, including planning, engineering, economics, management, and social sciences. The Centre for Transport Development (CTD) provides a platform for nurturing and coordinating linkages across these various disciplines at UP, to the benefit of both our students and industry partners. As a collaborative research entity, the CTD draws mainly on researchers and academics from the Department of Civil Engineering and the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, with additional specialist skills available from the Department of Town and Regional Planning and the Department of Informatics.

The Centre for Transport Development (CTD) pursues research and continuing education opportunities across four main focus areas:


BRT+ Centre of Excellence co-hosts dialogue on BRT in African cities

The BRT+ CoE joined the World Bank in organising a workshop titled "BRT Innovation in Africa – Towards tailored solutions for African cities" on 29 June 2018 in Dar es Salaam. The workshop was timed to coincide with the Mobilize conference taking place in the city, and attended by transport professionals and advocates for sustainable transport from across the globe. 

The aim was to take stock of the experience in urban transport modernization in African cities, specifically with regard to BRT implementation, with a view to strengthening the appropriate roll-out of public transport innovations in Africa in coming years. Investments in new Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems have been largely inspired on similar systems in Latin America and elsewhere, with various amounts of modifications in response to local conditions. Experiences with these systems have been mixed, in terms of operational and financial performance, governance of the operators and capacity building.

Participants agreed on the need for tailoring BRT concepts to the specific realities of African cities, One of the outcomes of the workshop was a list of items that require further research and exploration. This will help to inform the research agenda on BRT in Africa in coming years.

UP joins BRT+ Centre of Excellence

The Centre for Transport Development has recently joined the Bus Rapid Transit Centre of Excellence, an international research collaboration that aims to develop scientific knowledge and dissemination around  planning, design, financing, implementation and operation of BRT in different urban areas. Funded by the Volvo Research and Education Foundation for a five-year period, the Centre is lead by Pontificia Universidad Católica in Santiago, Chile, with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Pretoria, the University of Sydney and the World Resources Institute as core partners. UP's involvement wil specifically be aimed at promoting and undertaking research and outreach on BRT in the context of African cities and their public transport.

To read more, see the BRT+ COE website.

Do Bus Rapid Transit systems help improve equity?

Research published recently by the Centre for Transport Development looked at the evidence worldwide on the question of whether BRT systems actually help to improve conditions for poorer communities in our cities. Read a recent blog post on The City Fix for more information, or download the full research paper (available for free for a limited time).

Developing a common narrative on urban accessibility

The Brookings Institution (Washington, DC) has published a series of reports aimed at cultivating a conversation amongst transportation, urban planning, and fiscal professionals worldwide around the need for moving from a mobility-based to an accessibility-based paradigm for urban development. Prof Christo Venter from the CTD contributed a piece on the transportation perspective on accessibility, arguing that accessibility concepts need clarification and further operationalisation to become a more useful tool in the transportation toolbox.


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