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Welcome to the University of Pretoria's Centre for Law and Medicine.  The Centre for Law and Medicine at the University of Pretoria falls under the Department of Public of the Faculty of Law, in conjunction and close cooperation with the Department of Forensic Medicine of the Faculty of Health Sciences.

The mission of the Centre is to:

a)      conduct research and obtain insight with regard to legal problems concerning medical law and ethics, medical jurisprudence and health care law, forensic medicine, forensic psychiatry and psychology, psychopharmacology bioethics, telemedicine and any other related field or subject;

b)      generate, promote and provide expertise concerning these medico-legal fields; and

c)      contribute to the development of  law and medicine in Africa.

The mission of the Centre is pursued by:

a)      participation in the academic programmes of the Faculty of Law and/or the Faculty of Health Sciences where relevant;

b)      self-initiated research projects on relevant legal questions;

c)      a programme of publication to announce research results (inclusive of an annual medico-legal journal);

d)      training (inclusive of so called Continuous Professional Development training (CPD training)) to interested individuals, groups and institutions;

e)      presentation of symposia, conferences, seminars and workshops;

f)       obtaining and provision of information relating to national and international medico-legal questions;

g)      contact and cooperation with international experts and similar institutions inside as well as outside South Africa;

h)      establishment and development of a database with regard to applicable sources for research;  and

i)       any other activity which may contribute to the pursuit and promotion of the mission and objectives of the Centre.

For more information regarding the Centre for Law and Medicine, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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