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Be on the forefront of business analytics with our various new modules in this rapidly expanding field. Our business analytics programmes provide the tools needed to put data to work: how to set up experiments, how to collect data, how to learn from data and make decisions to how to navigate the organisational, legal and ethical issues involved in data-based decision making.
“In today’s changing business landscape, the role of the business analyst is changing from one focused on gathering requirements to one helping align and drive organizational strategy. Bloomberg is always looking for analysts with a deep understanding of statistics, data management, and data modeling." — Shawn Edwards , Chief Technology Officer, Bloomberg L.P.
As business leaders are required to understand and deploy various analytical tools in the workplace so our programmes in Business Analytics empower learners with the skills, insights and understanding to improve business performance using data, statistical and quantitative analysis, and explanatory and predictive modelling to help make actionable decisions.
Our curriculum is international benchmarked and designed to expose learners in class to practical tools that emphasize the use of statistical analysis, computing tools, and mathematical models to predict the outcomes of various business decisions, and identify the best implementation.
Degree Programmes that offer Business Analytics
Offered as part of the BCom Honours Programme.
The module aims to inform future managers, consultants, and advisors on the psychological processes and biases underlying the decisions made by customers, competitors, colleagues, and themselves, with emphasis on how to incorporate such insights into business. This course will provide new insights into a personal approach to decision-making and enable the development of thinking and influencing skills required for effective strategic decisions, especially when faced with complex or ambiguous situations. Business analytics is covered within the context of decision-making. In addition, an applied decision-making aspect will focus on mastering quantitative modelling tools and techniques for business decision-making and deterministic optimisation techniques.
Offered as part of the BCom Business Management in the final year.
Evaluates how to strategically align, plan for and direct investments in, and governance of, processes for continuous renewal of analytic deployments in business. An overview of analytics in the business context will be provided that will cover: concepts of strategic and operational analytics; overview of concepts like dimensional modeling, the Model Life cycle, data mining, big data, KPIs and metrics, ERP and analytics, in-database/memory analytics; real-time analytics and data stream analysis. The applied decision making aspect will focus on mastering quantitative modeling tools and techniques for business decision-making and deterministic optimisation techniques.
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