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BComHons Business Management
Programme code 07240072
Purpose of Business Management Training
The Department of Business Management faces a considerable challenge in the training of knowledgeable and skilful managers who can contribute to the economic welfare of South Africa in the next millennium. The entrepreneurial talents of students must be awakened, so that they can attempt to further develop specific skills, which will enhance their potential. Concurrently the training must also concentrate on developing fundamental thinking skills so that truth and scientific fact can at all times be sought in training, development, research and community service, whilst always bearing in mind the needs of the future market.
Entry requirements
The Department of Business Management can only admit 40 students into the honours programme per year. As a result, current UP students who comply with the minimum entry requirements will get preference to fill these 40 openings. In particular, the 40 UP students who comply with the minimum entry requirements and who achieved the highest final mark in Strategic Management (OBS 330) will be selected for the programme. If the Department is unable to fill these 40 openings with student from the University of Pretoria, the applications of applicants from other institutions will be considered to fill the remaining openings. In such an event, these external applicants will be required to write an entrance examination.
Applicants have to comply with the following minimum admission requirements:
  • A BCom degree with Accounting, Economics, Statistics and Business Management on a first year level.
  • Strategic Management on third year level with a final mark of at least 60%.
A complete, certified academic record must accompany all applications. Applicants from other Universities must provide the University with sufficient proof to determine whether they have complied with the minimum admission requirements.
Programme Co-ordinator: Ms Samantha Rabie
(012)  420 3816
BComHons Communication Management
Programme code 07240282
Why study BCom Honours (Communication Management)?
Communication is pivotal within organisations, be it at tactical, managerial or strategic level, a corporate, public or non-governmental organisation. Amongst other roles, communication specialists are critical in helping organisations articulate their strategic goals, building and maintaining relationships with different stakeholders and protecting corporate reputations. The BCom Honours (Communication Management) programme aims to introduce students to this dynamic area of specialisation and help them develop key skills for career opportunities in a wide range of contexts. As is the case for most areas in management, this field also offers continuous professional development (CDP) courses through the relevant local and international professional bodies. Should students qualify academically, this honours degree also provides graduates an avenue to a more advanced postgraduate qualification, i.e. a master’s programme.
Programme Co-ordinator:
Mr Sipho Noko
Tel: (012) 420 6257
BComHons Supply Chain Management
Programme Code: 07240074
Programme Information:
The BComHonours (Supply Chain Management) programme is aimed at enabling students with a relevant undergraduate qualification in Supply Chain Management to further develop their functional and strategic management competencies in the field of Supply Chain Management. This includes the sub-disciplines of Strategic Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Supply Management, Strategic Operations Management and Physical Distribution Management. The programme endeavours to develop the research ability of students with the purpose of preparing them for further postgraduate study at master’s level.
The programme consists of coursework and a research report. The coursework is usually presented by means of five contact sessions per module during the first and second semesters. Contact block weeks will take place after-hours on a Monday to Thursday evening from 17:30 – 21:00 during the first semester and usually on a Monday evening from 17:30 – 21:00 during the second semester. Attendance to the contact sessions is compulsory. All lectures, tests and examination sessions will be conducted at the University of Pretoria’s main campus in Hatfield unless other arrangements are made to adapt to specific scenarios.
Admission Requirements:
  • A completed BCom (Supply Chain Management) degree.
  • A combined mark of at least 60% for Warehousing and Transport Management (OBS 316) and Supply Chain Strategy (OBS326) or equivalent modules at third-year level. The Department of Business Management reserves the right to review all supply chain-related modules and/or relevant work experience as part of the admission process.
  • The programme in BComHons (Supply Chain Management) has a limited capacity of 30 students. Therefore, current University of Pretoria students who comply with the admission requirements will get preference to fill these spaces. If the spaces cannot be filled with University of Pretoria students, the applications of applicants from other institutions will be considered. An entrance examination will be required from such applicants.
  • Selection is not guaranteed as the department receives many applications annually and can only admit a limited number of students in the programme based on academic credentials.
  • An English language proficiency test may be required as all class discussions, assignments, tests, examination papers and textbooks are in English.
  • A complete, certified academic record must accompany all applications. Applicants from other institutions must provide the University with sufficient proof to determine whether they have complied with the minimum admission requirements.
  • All the modules are compulsory and a minimum of 120 credits must be obtained. Only students registered for the BComHons (Supply Chain Management) degree programme may register for OBS 786, OBS 787 and GLB 788. Only students registered for the BComHons (Supply Chain Management) and BComHons (Business Management) degree programmes are allowed to register for OBS 782 and OBS 785.
  • Registration for BComHons (Supply Chain Management) must be completed before the commencement of the programme.
Career opportunities:
Organisations in virtually every industry, including non-profit and government sectors, use supply chains in their daily operations. As a graduate of this degree program you can be prepared for a variety of senior level supply chain management positions. 
Duration of study: One year
Programme Co-ordinator: Mr Sipho Noko 
(012) 420 6257

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