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The Department of Biochemistry, Genetics and Microbiology currently accommodates around 70 Honours, 160 MSc and 130 PhD students as well as 60 Postdoctoral Fellows in 45 Research groups registered in 15 Study Programmes. 

Honours students apply for the corresponding study programmes via the general university application page. Please see the following pages for dates and deadlines. Students are selected on a competitive basis from among the applicants. Students must have achieved 60% or higher for their BSc degree to be eligible to apply for an Honours programme, but the actual cut-off for any programme varies depending on the student cohort.

MSc and PhD:
The Department of Biochemistry, Genetics and Microbiology exclusively offers research-based MSc and PhD degrees. To be admitted to either an MSc or a PhD study programme, prospective PG students should identify potential supervisors from among the 45 Principle Investigators (PI) in the department. 
Once a potential supervisor has been identified, prospective students should send a detailed introductory email to that PI, providing as much information and documentation as possible. In particular, students should outline their academic background as well as research interests and experience and how this qualifies them for research being conducted in that research group.

Postdoctoral Fellows:
The University of Pretoria recognizes the invaluable research capacity provided by postdoctoral fellows and therefore places significant emphasis on the recruitment of suitably qualified candidates. Prospective postdoctoral fellows should identify and contact potential supervisors from among the 45 Principle Investigators in the Department of Biochemistry, Genetics and Microbiology indicating their interest in joining a particular research group. Together candidate and Principle Investigators will ascertain the suitability of the match and will identify suitable funding sources including from the University of Pretoria. Once funding has been secured and all corresponding paper work has been submitted, the postdoctoral fellow will be able to take up their research work within the hosting research group.

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