Message from the Director

Religion is part of human existence. With the dawn of Homo sapiens, traces of religious expressions appeared. Although religion made several detours over the course of history, different forms of religious expressions still exist. Religion is still part of the human search for meaning.

To study the phenomenon of religion science is required. There is still much to say about the different ways in which mankind gives expression to an awareness of transcendence. This differentiates Biblical and Religion Studies from Theology: Theology studies the object of veneration whereas Religion Studies investigate the human expression of attachment to transcendence.

This course assists students to gain factual knowledge of other religions. This is not a course highlighting the doctrinal content of each religion, but an introduction to religion as part of human existence. The secondary role of this course is to enhance a personal spiritual formation and make students aware of the personal sphere of religiosity.

Prof Jaco Beyers
Director: Biblical and Religious Studies

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