Dr Gerda de Villiers


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Aanvaar deur VE vir publikasie in 2013: Rut 4:18-22: ‘n venster op Israel se verlede?


Local: Vertaling van die Rutboek uit Hebreeus vir die nuutste Afrikaanse Bybelvertaling (ABV)
International: Medewerker vir De Gruyter - Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception (ebg)


Dr Arno Meiring


Heart of Darkness: A deconstruction of traditional Christian concepts of reconciliation by means of a religious studies perspective on the Christian and African religions, with prof Piet Meiring as my supervisor: University of Pretoria (2005).


I am presently co-editor (with prof Piet Meiring) for the second edition of the textbook Suid-Afrika, land van baie godsdienste/ South Africa, a world of religions that is to be revised and reworked. I am responsible for 2 chapters on respectively Hinduism and New Religious Movements. It is planned to be completed by the end of 2014

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Meiring, Arno 2008: Ten short chapters on missiological topics in the Christelike Kernensiklopedie, under the edit of Frits Gaum (et al), Wellington: Lux Verbi/Bybelkor. The chapters were: Anskar, Bonifacius, Simon Kimbangu, Bartolomé de Las Casa, David Livingstone, Raymundus Lullus, Robert de Nobili, Matteo Ricci, Ludwig Graf von Zinzendorf and Fransiskus Xavier.

Meiring, Arno 2010. Hoe evangelies is die NG Kerk?, Kerkbode185:3 (20 Augustus 2010), 19.

Publications in scientific journals

*Meiring, AM 2005. From Christianity to African Religion and back again, in Verbum et Ecclesia 26(3) 2005, 718-739.

*Meiring, Arno 2007. As below, so above: a perspective on African Theology, in HTS 63(2) 2007, 733-750.

*Meiring, A 2008. Rethinking Missio Dei: a conversation with postmodern and African Theologies, in Verbum et Ecclesia 29(3) 2008, 791-818.

Other publications, reports and contributions

*Author of a report for the General Synod of the Dutch Reformed Church (October 2011) on Evangelism and Dialogue

Author and presenter of report for the Eastern Synod of the DRC (October 2009) on Missional Ecclesiology.

Author and presenter of report for the Eastern Synod of the DRC (October 2009) on Service and Witness.

Co-author and presenter of report for the Eastern Synod of the DRC (2007) on Morality.

Interview on SAFM (26 Nov 2006) on the Incarnation

Interview on Kruiskyk TV (2 Feb 2010) on whether all religions lead to God

Interview on Kruiskyk TV (Sept 2010) on Islam and Christianity

Dr Jaco Beyers

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Beyers, J 2013. Obituaries and Predictions: a Sociological perspective on the future of religion. (Paper presented at the EASR conference 23-26 August 2012, Stockholm, Sweden), in ActaTheologica (under review).

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Beyers, J & Han, YS 2013. A critical evaluation of the understanding of God in John S. Mbiti’s theology, in Journal of Religion in Africa. (Under review)

Prof Alphonso Groenewald

Drink met vreugde uit die liefdesfontein!” – ‘n Ou-Testamentiese perspektief op menslike seksualiteit [“Drink from the well of love!”– An Old Testament perspective on human sexuality]. Verbum et Ecclesia (VE), 27/1 (2006), 42-69.

Between mythology, poetry and theology. Hervormde Teologiese Studies (HTS), 62/3 (2006), 909-924.

Die beeld van die “verborge gesig” van God: “En moet asseblief nie u aangesig vir u kneg verberg nie!” (Ps 69:18a) [“And please, do not hide your face from your servant!” (Ps 69:18a): The image of the “hidden God”]. Old Testament Essays (OTE), 19/3 (2006), 831-862.

Teologiekroniek: Godsbeelde van die Ou Testament. Jahwe – liefdevolle vader en moeder [Theology chronicle: Images of God in the Old Testament: Yahweh – loving father and mother]. VE, 27/2 (2006), 534-547.

Old Testament exegesis: reflections on methodology. HTS, 63/3 (2007), 1017-1031.

Psalms 69:33-34 in the light of the poor in the Psalter as a whole. VE, 28/2 (2007), 425-441.

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Isaiah 1:2−3, ethics and wisdom. Isaiah 1:2-3 and the Song of Moses (Dt 32): Is Isaiah a prophet like Moses? HTS Teologiese Studies/ Theological Studies,67(1) (2011), Art. #954, 6 pages. DOI: 10.4102/hts.v67i1.954.

Isaiah 1:4-9 as a post-exilic reflection. JSem, 20/1 (2011), 87-108.

Contributions to publications:

“Indeed – the zeal for your house has consumed me!”: Possible historical background to Psalm 69:10ab, in: Matthias Augustin & Hermann M. Niemann (eds). 2006. Stimulation from Leiden. Collected communications to the XVIIIth congress of the IOSOT, Leiden 2004. Frankfurt a.M.: Peter Lang (BEATAJ 54). p. 177-185.

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