Research Focus Areas

Research Focus Areas


The research areas have been narrowed down to three main research focus areas within the Department of Animal Sciences

Physiology of farm animals and companion animals 







Fundamental aspects of growth physiology and development, lactation and reproduction physiology, digestive physiology and digestive processes, and the adaptation of livestock and companion animals. A variety of carcass characteristics of animals are studied in order to ensure or improve product quality. Digestive physiology and the micro fauna of livestock and companion animals and are also studied.










The nutrient requirements, mineral utilisation and metabolism of livestock and companion animals are studied in order to improve the feeding standards and ration formulations of a variety of species in different production systems.

Genetics and breeding of livestock and companion animals 









The Department of Animal Sciences at UP made a significant contribution to quantitative research in livestock breeding in South Africa. Several researchers at this Department contributed to the development of the Bonsmara breed, and this resulted in a number of studies on beef cattle.

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