Albert Luthuli Leadership Institute (ALLI)

MPhil in Responsible Leadership

Leadership is seen as the ultimate solution for or cause of our problems. This is one of the reasons that humanity has committed significant amounts of time to understand good and effective leadership. Globally society is facing a set of complex interrelated challenges all of which shape the social, economic and environmental realities within which we live.

Given the increasing political and economic influence of private sector organisations, there is an increased need for considering how these organisations position themselves in relation to society and how they consider and exercise their responsibility towards society as a whole.

The University of Pretoria’s MPhil in Business Management Option: Responsible leadership is dedicated to continuing the exploration of the important themes and questions within the field of leadership and how it can contribute to promoting the role of business organisations as agents able to create value for society at large.

Minimum entry requirements:

  • An appropriate honours degree (NQF level 8) with at least 60% average.
  • A BTech degree is not recognised as an equivalent to an honours degree. 
  • Selection is not guaranteed as the department receives many applications annually and can only admit a limited number of students in each programme based on academic credentials. 
  • An academic writing proficiency test may be required.


1 year

Application deadlines:

International applicants: 31 August (each year for admission the following year)

South African applicants: 30 September (each year for admission the following year)


Masters in Responsible Leadership (MPhil) 

Programme Code: 07255286

Program Co-ordinator: Ms Carto Abrams-Swarts

E-mail address: [email protected]