Albert Luthuli Leadership Institute (ALLI)

Discernment (Opinion Pieces)

'Discernment' is a collection of academic articles and opinion pieces on research by various academics. The pieces shed light on the life of Chief Albert Luthuli, his character, his identity, his beliefs, his impact and his achievements. These pieces highlight Chief Luthuli's role as a responsible leader and how it has contributed to responsible leadership today.

October 2021- Edition 1

The relevance of Chief Albert Luthuli’s thinking and
practices on the 60th anniversary of receiving the
Nobel Prize

October 2021- Edition 2

Chief Albert Luthuli as a nation builder inhabiting and
respecting a range of identities

November 2021- Edition 3

Luthuli and Leadership

January 2022- Edition 4

A prospective PHD candidate’s perspective on navigating and understanding current leadership discourse