Albert Luthuli Leadership Institute (ALLI)

Visiting Professors

Prof Carol Adams

Integrated Reporting

Carol Adams’ work is concerned with the relationships between business, society and the environment. She is an internationally renowned author in integrated reporting and sustainability reporting, change management and performance management. She holds a part time professor position at Monash University, is a visiting professor at the Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow and a Research Fellow at the Centre for Sustainability Management, Leuphana Universität Lüneburg.

She serves on a number of Boards and consults through Integrated Horizons on corporate reporting strategy and process and embedding sustainability into mainstream management and governance processes. She helps organizations realize lasting value from social and environmental sustainability initiatives.

Carol has led the development of internationally award winning management and governance processes and sustainability reports.

She has been involved in various global corporate reporting initiatives and is currently a member of the Stakeholder Council of the Global Reporting Initiative and a member of the Capitals Technical Collaboration Group for the International Integrated Reporting Council. She served as a Director and Council Member of Accountability and was involved in the development of the first AA1000 Framework.











Prof Sandra Waddock
Prof Waddock is the Galligan Chair of Strategy, Carroll School Scholar of Corporate Responsibility, and Professor of Management in the Carroll School of Management at Boston College.
Widely published, Prof Waddock's research interests are in the area of macro-system change, intellectual shamanism, stewardship of the future, wisdom, corporate responsibility, management education, and multi-sector collaboration. Author or editor of eleven books, her most recent books are Intellectual Shamans: Management Academics Making a Difference (Cambridge, 2015), Building the Responsible Enterprise:  Where Vision and Values Meet Value (with Andreas Rasche, Stanford, 2012), and SEE Change: Making the Change to a Sustainable Enterprise Economy (with Malcolm McIntosh, Greenleaf, 2011), The Difference Makers: How Social and Institutional Entrepreneurs Built the Corporate Responsibility Movement (Greenleaf, 2008. Dr. Waddock has published well over 100 articles on corporate citizenship, sustainable enterprise, difference making, wisdom, stewardship of the future, responsibility management systems, corporate responsibility, management education, and related topics.
Prof Eric Guthey
Prof Guthey is an Associate Professor in the CBS’s Department of Intercultural Communication and Management in Denmark. He earned a PhD in American Studies from Emory University, an MA in Biblical Literature and Religion from Columbia University, and a BA in Religion from St Olaf College.
With a background in the humanities and cultural history, and years of experience at business schools in Europe, New Zealand, and the United States, his research explores the interplay between media representation and the public face of business leaders, the business dynamics of leadership development, and the production of leadership via the leadership industries. Prof Guthey has written and co-authored numerous articles in the area of leadership, organisational behaviour, and management trends and is co-author of Demystifying Business Celebrity. Since 2008, he has served as a board member of the International Leadership Association and the Academic Council of the Baltic Management Institute.
During his visit, Prof Guthey had meetings with ALLI staff to exchange knowledge and ideas. He also engaged with PhD students and presented a Brown Bag lunch seminar and a public lecture. During his public lecture, Prof Guthey focused on what he calls “leadership land” and emphasised the importance of following a critical leadership theory approach, with the emphasis on collective leadership rather than individual leadership.
Prof Guthey and Prof Derick de Jongh, Director of the ALLI, explored the possibility of joined research projects on leadership between the CBS and ALLI. This collaboration will inform and promote responsible leadership and transformational change in business and society via the production of new research and new theory on the leadership dynamics of sustainable change in a development context. The first step will be to organise an international network of scholars in leadership, including a jointly-authored theoretical research paper on the connections between responsible leadership, sustainability, and transformational change. It is also ensvisioned that a PhD student exhange programme be developed, whereby ALLI and CBS PhD students in leadership studies will visit SA and Denmark in 2016 and beyond.
“I was impressed with the work done by the ALCRL,” says Prof Guthey, “and I believe this collaboration will help us to get to know one another, help each other to build a working team and create academic and practical value for both our institutions in years to come.”
Prof Jim Walsh
'The University of Pretoria (UP) is a very compelling place,' says Prof Jim Walsh, a recently appointed Extraordinary Professor in the Department of Business Management of the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences (EMS), specifically affiliated with the Albert Luthuli Leadership Institute at the University of Pretoria (UP). Prof Walsh is an Arthur F Thurnau Professor and the Gerald and Esther Carey Professor of Business Administration at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan in the USA.
Prof Walsh has visited UP several times. 'I first became involved with the University when I helped to lead the Academy of Management. The Academy and the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) co-sponsored what turned out to be a wonderful international conference here in 2013. That experience led to other visits to present papers and simply continue conversations with new friends.'
He explains that there are many things to like about UP – the University's high aspirations, the enthusiasm of its staff and PhD students, and the absolute decency of every single person he has met here. He is impressed by UP's commitment to making the world a better place. 'I love the University's dedication to scholarship that makes a difference. I just can't stay away,' he says.
Prof Walsh finds South Africa fascinating. He is attracted to UP because everyone he meets wants to contribute to the country and at the same time engage the world with their questions about and solutions to the unique business challenges and opportunities here. Believing scholars to be people who 'see the general in the specific,' he is eager to learn from anyone who shows that kind of local/global reflex. 'UP is a wonderful place to see how business can serve South Africa and, in so doing, develop ideas that serve the world.' He says he loves UP's slogan, 'Make today matter'.
Prof Walsh has been lecturing in a new Faculty programme for doctoral students in Management Science. Students in Business Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, and Public Management and Administration are taking a series of seminars on theory, research methods, and discipline content over 17 weekends this year. A mix of UP academics and international research leaders like Prof Walsh are leading this effort.
During his visit, he held many research meetings with PhD students and on 8 February he spoke to a group of 35 junior staff members about the promise of engaged scholarship and how best to make a contribution. He also met with senior EMS staff on 15 February to discuss current trends in higher education and, in light of these, to consider how they could grow as teachers and researchers throughout their careers.
Eager to return, Prof Walsh will be back for a two-week visit in the near future. Beyond that, he hopes to spend several months here during his sabbatical in two years' time.
Prof Josef Wieland
Josef Wieland is professor of institutional economics, organizational governance, integrity management, and transcultural leadership at the Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen and director of the Leadership Excellence Institute Zeppelin (LEIZ). Prior to this, he was the professor for business administration and economics with an emphasis on business ethics at the University of Applied Sciences, Konstanz, and continues to be the director of the cooperative doctoral program there. He is the initiator and president of the Forum Compliance & Integrity (FCI), as well as chairman of the German Network of Business Ethics (DNWE). He is a member of the national CSR Forum of the BMAS (German Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs) and serves on the jury board for the “CSR Prize” of the German government.





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