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The University of Pretoria is ideally located in the heart of Pretoria, just off all the main routes coming into the city. It’s made up of six campuses that stretches over 1,214 hectares and 781 buildings, with the main campus situated in leafy-green Hatfield. But don’t be overwhelmed by the vastness of the campus! We’re here to make your visit as stress-free as possible. 

 Confused? Check out all the campus maps and which routes are ideal to access them.


The Department of Security Services endeavours to ensure a safe and secure campus environment and surrounding areas for staff, students and visitors to the various campuses. While appropriate measures are in place to ensure this at all times, a culture of collective responsibility in respect of the safety of persons and property is cultivated and promoted...Read more

People with disabilities

The UP is committed to making every area on the university campus as accessible as possible for every visitor. This is why the UP has set up a Disability Unit, which aims to create an enabling environment by providing support to students with disabilities...Read more

Gate Times

Planning a trip to the University of Pretoria campus? Whether it’s for an event, to watch one of the many performances or admire the art on campus, we’re here to make sure you find your way. Please see below gate times to ensure that you are able to access campus at the right time for all your events and campus meetings...Read more


We urge all personnel to inform us about any planned events and or special occasions on the various campuses of the University well in advance, due to the scarcity of parking on campus...Read more


Due to the scarcity of parking the Department of Security Services relies on the assistance of all personnel and students to manage parking and traffic flow effectively. Please ensure that you only park on parking bays as indicated and that the parking bays for disabled persons are not used if you are not disabled. All undercover parking bays are reserved and allocated to specific personnel...Read more


Each campus of the University presented unique challenges for the implementation of the WiFi access points and technology. The project team had to assess each installation based on the best WiFi coverage maps and physical placement of the WiFi infrastructure...Read more

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