Community Engagement

Community engagement is our way of using our skills, knowledge and research to make a difference and uplift communities around South Africa. We have a long and proud history of aligning our curriculum across all our faculties with pressing social needs in our communities. Thousands of our students apply their passion and skills on a daily basis to solve real-world problems with their academic knowledge.

Supporting the Sustainable Development Goals

The University of Pretoria is committed to using its research and deep pools of knowledge and skills to address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. There are 17 in total, but UP has unique, well-regarded and world-class capacity and a reputation for excellence in some. We have pooled our resources through transdisciplinary research to harness our strengths and have a bigger impact in achieving zero hunger, good health and well-being, quality education, and tackling issues around life on land.

Zero hunger

UP is working on sustainable, transdisciplinary projects to achieve food security, improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture and ultimately end hunger. Click here to read more.

Good health and well-being

UP has a range of transdisciplinary projects that help to promote healthy lives and well-being within a local, continental and global context. Click here to read more.

Quality education

One of UP’s key foundational goals, mission and vision is to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.  Click here to read more.

SDG 15
Life on land

UP has many well-regarded research facilities and projects which are aimed at protecting, restoring and promoting sustainable ecosystems on land like managing forests, preventing land degradation and maintaining biodiversity. Click here to read more.



Faculty Specific Initiatives

The University of Pretoria firmly believes in using its knowledge, resources and skills to have an empowering effect on communities while teaching its students how to apply their academic knowledge in real-world situations. This adds to their work-readiness and also encourages empathy, understanding and an appreciation of a larger world view through interactions with many diverse communities around South Africa.

Economic and Management Sciences 

The Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences is committed to using our staff and students’ skills to uplift communities. We’re especially strong in economic development activities and encouraging economic literacy. Click here to read more.


Most of our courses have practical, community-based learning as a compulsory component of our degrees. Thousands of students contribute their skills to communities on an annual basis in both their voluntary and compulsory capacities. This provides quality education, learning and teaching to many communities. Click here to read more.

Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology

We use our skills and talent to uplift and enhance communities and boost their sustainability and resources, while transferring knowledge and practical know-how from our students to our communities. Click here to read more.

Health Sciences 

We support communities through the exceptional talent and dedication of our staff and students involved in projects which uplift health and well-being. This provides valuable life skills and training for our students while providing communities with access to an array of healthcare workers. Click here to read more.


Our students are involved in a range of voluntary and compulsory community engagement projects which encourage empathy, understanding, and a critical understanding of disparities in South Africa’s socio-economic structure. Our students are equipped with these skills so they can be part of creating a better world. Click here to read more.


As the top law school on the continent, using our skills and knowledge is embedded into our curriculum through a number of initiatives which allow our communities to access legal advice, care and representation. Click here to read more.

Natural and Agricultural Sciences 

We make science fun, interactive and useful to communities, and help educate bright young minds on the importance and practical uses of different types of science in everyday life. Click here to read more.

Theology and Religion

Our faculty specialises in training students who are embedded into their community through different faith traditions. We believe in the universal values of charity, justice and care for all of humanity. Click here to read more.

Veterinary Sciences

We are the only faculty of our kind in South Africa, and are involved in many professional services to the outside community, including membership of and contributions to statutory and professional boards, councils, and professional associations. We present short courses and continuing education programmes, and some of our experts and specialists provide a consulting service to the public while serving on national and international bodies and committees. Our students are involved in clinical and non-clinical extramural activities which have a direct benefit on communities and organisations. Click here to read more.

Mamelodi Campus

Our campus is home to several faculties whose skills help to serve our community. This includes the Mamelodi Campus Business Clinic, which aims to address social problems such as unemployment and poverty via entrepreneurial skills development among the Mamelodi community, the Siyathemba Clinic for Occupational Therapy and a hub for veterinary services for local and surrounding communities Click here to read more. The campus also presents a successful Pre-University Academy for secondary school learners. Click here to read more.


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