#TuksNetball: Bids Three Players Farewell

Posted on October 19, 2016

As we close off this year’s netball season, with heavy hearts we say farewell to 3 outstanding players that have over the past few years become a part of our TuksNetball family: Lenize Potgieter, Melissa Kotze, and Unelle Snyman.

Melissa Kotze who started off in the system as Melissa Myburgh has been with us for 7 years. From undergrad to engagement, to post graduate and marriage. Melissa was the most senior player in this year’s Varsity Netball team. When asked about her time at Tuks, Kotze had this to say:” Wow where to start. I think that the time I spent at Tuks was a journey that I will never forget. Tuks is a university that gave me opportunities which enabled me to grow on different levels. I started out as a young insecure girl not knowing what the future holds and I am walking away as a woman grown to be an inspiration for many young girls. The University gave me so much more than I would have dreamt. I was given opportunities, failures, knowledge, friends and most of all a family that I will always hold dear to my heart. I have learned that giving up is never an option. Failure will always be a part of your journey but it is the way you stand up and push forward that creates your success in life. I will walk away stronger than I have ever dreamt and ready for what the future holds. Thank you Tuks for forming and building me into a women that can be strong, determined, happy, excited and be an inspiration to so many. I will always hold you dear to my heart.” Kotze, has also gone on to not only represent the University but also South Africa.

Unelle Snyman, a 2nd year BA Sport psychology student had this to say about her stay at TuksNetball: "In Matric I was approached by one of the best netball coaches in South Africa, known as Jenny van Dyk. That is the day I realised that I wanted to be a part of the TuksNetball Dream. And man - what a journey it was that God decided I should experience. To be entirely honest, it was not close to what I expected it to be - it was so much more, so much harder and more memorable than I could ever imagine. It was more difficult than it was easy, but, it was worth every drop of sweat and tears I cried. I had a different dream when I started than what I have come to realise is my destiny. Thanks to many players, managers and coaches I've grown to understand people's talent and love for netball. It is here where I became part of something so much bigger than just me. TuksNetball has worked very hard in silence  and soon we will peak. Forever I will know that a piece of me contributed to that and will always remain there.”  Unelle will now be focusing on her Judo career in the hopes of being an Olympic champion.

Lenize Potgieter is a final year BSport Science student and says: “The first memory that pops into my head when I think of TuksNetball is my first individual session with Coach Jenny. I have never experienced something like that before, but grateful that I did because that's what made me the netball player I am today. At TuksNetball I found my second family, my best friends, my passion and my pillars in life. I've decided to travel to Hamilton, NZ next year to play for the Waikota Bay of Plenty Magic netball team to broaden my horizons and become not only a better netball player, but also stronger individual. I'm thankful for all the lessons I’ve been taught during these past 3 years and wouldn't change a single thing."

We wish them all the best with their future endeavours and hope that TuksNetball wil forever hold a special place in their hearts.

- Author Lifalethu Khumalo
Published by Narien Pillay

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