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TuksSport is an integral part of the University of Pretoria’s student life. Our world-class programmes provide all the necessary components for athletes to develop and hone their sporting talent. We endeavour to produce well-rounded student-athletes with a penchant for success while supporting the rigorous demands that come with tertiary-level academics.

Our passionate and professional coaches design and coordinate programs that assist our TuksSport athletes to reach their full potential. Bursaries are made available yearly and awarded to individuals who join, participate in and excel in their respective disciplines at the University of Pretoria.

2024 TuksSport Bursary Applications are now CLOSED!

Please note the following conditions will apply:

  • Bursaries are only awarded to full-time registered students who have been accepted for their planned study course at the University.
  • Bursaries can only be awarded to an applicant for one sport code ONLY i.e. NO double funding.
  • Successful bursars will be required to sign a written contract.  The application form must be signed by a legal guardian if the applicant is under the age of 18 years.
  • Being awarded a Sport Bursary for a specific year does not mean that the bursary holder will automatically receive it the following year.  Yearly re-application will be expected of the bursary holders. The bursary will be reviewed annually and according to performance.  If a bursary recipient does not perform well in either the academic or sport environment the bursary may be reduced or cancelled.
  • Sport Bursaries are refundable to the university when a student does not adhere to the contractual agreements.  In the case where a bursary holder cancels their studies, the bursary will be cancelled and the full amount must be repaid to the university.
  • You do not have to study Sport to apply for a Sport Bursary,  
  • If you apply for a Sport Bursary ensure that the University offers that specific sport
    (Click for sport codes on offer at TuksSport)

Incorrect and/or incomplete information will lead to the immediate cancellation of the application. Each application will be acknowledged within 3 weeks from the date of application. Should receipt of your application not be acknowledged within 3 weeks after mailing or submission, the responsibility to follow up lies with the applicant. The specific TuksSport club applied to may be contacted directly. Successful applicants will be required to sign a contract with the University of Pretoria annually, agreeing to the expectations, conditions, and rules as set out by the University.

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