The Transformation Office’s role is to work as the protection office for students and employees involved in issues of discrimination, Gender-Based Violence and other related issues. The Transformation Office Investigator receives complaints; counsels, supports and advises complainants; ensures speedy resolution of complaints and make a Prima Facie Assessment. The Investigator also collates data, analyse the trends and report to different structures of the University.

For one to report a case of Discrimination or SGBV, one has to go to the Security Services Investigations Unit or the Transformation office. Alternatively, students and employees can also log a case online in the UP portal  interface as follows:  

Reported cases are investigated between the Transformation office and the Security Investigative unit. Once the case assessments have been finalised and Prima Facie case has been found, and if the recommendation is to follow a formal process, the case is then referred to Employee Relations or Legal Services for formal disciplinary processes as the processes depicted below:

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It should be noted that not all cases lead to formal disciplinary processes. Some cases are dealt with in an informal process ( mediation) depending on the nature and severity of the case and the complainant's choice of process. This goes with the ethos of the Transformation Office that our goal is to transform our nation through training and awareness and the changing of behaviours and the shifting of toxic paradigms of sexuality, masculinity, gender and violence. 

The Transformation Office’s core function is to raise awareness, educate and handle all forms of discrimination and social injustice. This is done through the socialisation of embedded university policies and protocols that support the Transformation Office's work.

The Training and Advocacy Coordinator is responsible for designing, managing and implementing various social justice initiatives, advocacy, awareness and prevention campaigns which are run by the Transformation Office.



Online Programme on Gender Based Violence

The Transformation Office in conjunction with the Centre for Sexuality, Aids and Gender has launched an online Gender Based Violence Programme for all students and staff. The programme aims to ensure that information on GBV is accessible and shared to everyone. The programme aims to ensure that information on SGBV is accessible and shared to everyone. GBV is a pandemic that is terrorising our society especially women and children including LGBTQI Community, through this programme we hope to ensure that our students and staff are more informed and acceptable of each other’s diversity.

To Register: Online SGBV Course

Login on clickUP using this link:

Face to Face Programme on Gender Based Violence

To Register: Face to Face Course SGBV Course
  • Step 1: Log onto the staff portal;
  • Step 2: Click on Human Resources Self-services;
  • Step 3: Click Employees WorkCentre;
  • Step 4: Click on Perform /Develop
  • Step 5: Click on Request developmental approval and the drop down of the Learning Strategy
  • Step 6: Click on In-house (free of charge) then select Search by Course Number
  • Step 7: Type in 190007 and select Gender-based Violence training
#SpeakOutUP Programme

#SpeakOutUP is the advocacy programme of the University of Pretoria’s Transformation Office. Through #SpeakOutUP, the Transformation Office coordinates initiatives and activities aimed at addressing discrimination on prohibited grounds, Sexual and Gender-Based Violence and all forms of sexual harassment. This work is guided by the university’s Anti-Discrimination Policy (ADP), which the Transformation Office is responsible for its implementation, along with its associated protocols, and draws attention to other policies that speak to the abovementioned focus areas.

#SpeakOutUP has a cohort of student volunteers who play a critical role in the socialization of the ADP amongst the student population across all UP campuses and residences, and in ensuring that campaigns and programmes extend to UP accredited residences which house the university’s day students. Beyond the work related to the ADP, #SpeakOutUP student volunteers run initiatives that help spotlight student issues and concerns relating to matters of transformation within the university.

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