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About Psyche
Psyche is a student run, student led organisation at the University of Pretoria. With over 1 000 members, and 150 volunteers every year, Psyche Society is proud to be the University of Pretoria’s Psychological Society.
Psyche aims to provide students with safe volunteering opportunities to bridge the gap between the theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the field of Psychology. It also strives to bring mental health and mental health awareness to the student body through many on-campus activities.
Psyche enhances the academic, social and professional experiences of its members through the provision of intra-departmental networks, participation in insightful seminars and discussion groups and engagement in practically oriented social empowerment initiatives.
Volunteering Opportunaties
Psyche has 10 long-term charities ranging from orphanages, tutoring programmes, psychiatric clinics, schools that specialize in helping children on the Autism Spectrum, old-age homes and persons with disabilities. These are long term, which means that students with a charity volunteer once a week for the year (excluding holidays) for which they receive certificates for their hours, and the opportunity to add this experience to their CVs.
Psyche also offers Mini-Outreach activities to members who cannot/choose not to commit to long-term volunteering. Examples of these this year are helping paint walls for schools in need and working with the campus disability unit to bring guide-dog awareness.
What is the Annual General Meeting (AGM)?
The AGM takes place at the beginning of every year as the first event that begins the Psyche calendar. This meeting takes place in the evening, to ensure everyone can attend, on the University of Pretoria, main campus. At this meeting, you will get to meet the Psyche Executive Committee (EC) team for that year, and find out every event planned for the year from community engagements, to socials, to academic workshops! The AGM is also where you will find out how to become a volunteer. Additionally, it is your best opportunity to find out which EC positions are still open for the coming year and how to apply for them.
Who can sign up?
There is no prerequisite to join this awesome community, MEMBERSHIP IS OPEN TO EVERYONE. However to volunteer on a weekly basis at one of the charities, you have to have registered for any SLK module(s).
UP Psyche Society Launches Podcast Series "Mental Matters":  Click here for the PDBY - Issue 9 - Year 82 - Page 6

Podcast 1:  22 July 2020:  Dr Nicolene Coetzee, Neuroscience Research Psychologist (link will follow)
Podcast 2:  29 July 2020:  Mr Anthony Townsend, Problems vs Disorders... (link will follow)
Other scheduled speakers include: Dr Mpho Tshivase and Ms Nkateko Ndala-Magoro
Students are encouraged to submit questions and topocs they would like to hear / discussed on the Psyche Podcast via [email protected]
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For more information about joining the PsycheSociety please contact them on:
Email:  [email protected]
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