MPhil Programme

The programme provides a learning opportunity about the two-way connections between mental health practice and philosophy. Graduates of this programme who come from mental health practice will be equipped with philosophical skills and knowledge that bring more clarity, understanding and decision-making ability in mental health practice. Graduates of this programme who come from philosophy will gain more insight into areas of philosophy that are relevant to and enriched by the real life experiences of mental health care users and practitioners.

Master of Philosophy in Philosophy and Ethics of Mental Health [ MPhil (Philosophy and Ethics of Mental Health) ]

(a) Requirements for admission 
A bachelor honours degree or equivalent in a field of relevance to either mental health or philosophy eg MBChB; BPsych; BAHons; LLB; BCur; BOccTher, is the minimum admission requirement. Practical experience and/or a relevant master’s degree is strongly recommended e.g. MMed (Psych); MA (Philosophy); MA (Psychology); MA (Sociology) MA (Social Work); MMus (Music Therapy); LLM; MCur, MOccTher. 

b) Duration 
One year full-time or two years part-time study (with choice of e-learning) 
166 Health Sciences 2014 
(c) Curriculum
Core Modules 
FEG 881 Core concepts in philosophy and mental health 881 
FEG 882 Philosophy of science and mental health 882 
FEG 883 Philosophy of mind and mental health 883 
FEG 884 Ethics, values and mental health 884 
FEG 890 Dissertation: Philosophy and ethics of mental health 890 
(d) Examinations and pass requirements 
 (i) Students must complete the assignments of each of the core modules and 
obtain a minimum mark of 50% to pass in the respective core modules. 
 (ii) The dissertation must consist of five sections of which the first four will 
respectively address a topic from the core modules. The fifth section will be on 
an appropriate topic of the student’s choice. 
 (iii) The first four sections of the dissertation should each be between 5 000 and 
6 000 words and the fifth section should be approximately 10 000 words in 
 (iv) A minimum mark of 50% will be required in each section of the 
 dissertation to pass. 
 (v) A student will be disqualified from further study towards this degree when he or 
she fails any one of the sections for the third time. 
(e) Degree with distinction 
The degree will be conferred with distinction on a student who obtains a mark of 
75% or more for the dissertation

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