Current Research Projects & Interests

1. Incapacity owing to mental disorder: consent, refusal, causation, and assessment

2. Building on the philosophy of Gottlob Frege:
   2.1   First person sentences and the actual relations of a person: positioning in both sentences and worlds

   2.2   Relations: Necessarily common to minds, language and worlds

   2.3   Alienation between the self and the properties of self in experiences and philosophical conceptualisations of the self

3. Pathological manifestations of reductionism in the experiences and the explanations of somatoform disorders

4. How descriptive and aetiological accounts may be developed conjunctively (rather than disjunctively) in diagnostic classification systems

5. How may the clinician zoom in and zoom out better in making a person-centred diagnosis

6. Values Based Practice in medical education

7. First and 3rd person perspectives on delusions

8. Emotionally triggered involuntary violent behaviour not attributed to mental disorder

9. Phenomenology of loneliness in mental disorder

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