Applied research methodology 800

Module code TNM 800
Qualification Postgraduate
Faculty Faculty of Health Sciences
Module content

*Attendance module only

Module credits 5.00
BScHons Aerospace Medicine
BScHons Anatomy
BScHons Biokinetics
BScHons Biostatistics
BScHons Cell Biology
BScHons Chemical Pathology
BScHons Comparative Anatomy
BScHons Developmental Biology
BScHons Environmental Health
BScHons Haematology
BScHons Human Cell Biology
BScHons Human Genetics
BScHons Human Histology
BScHons Human Physiology
BScHons Macro-anatomy
BScHons Medical Criminalistics
BScHons Medical Immunology
BScHons Medical Microbiology
BScHons Medical Nuclear Science
BScHons Medical Oncology
BScHons Medical Physics
BScHons Medical Virology
BScHons Neuro-anatomy
BScHons Occupational Hygiene
BScHons Pharmacology
BScHons Physical Anthropology
BScHons Radiation Oncology
BScHons Reproductive Biology
BScHons Reproductive Biology: Andrology
BScHons Sports Science
DMedicine Anaesthesiology
DMedicine Anatomy
DMedicine Community Health
DMedicine Dermatology
DMedicine Family Medicine
DMedicine Forensic Medicine
DMedicine Geriatrics
DMedicine Haematology
DMedicine Health Systems
DMedicine Human Physiology
DMedicine Internal Medicine
DMedicine Medical Microbiology
DMedicine Medical Oncology
DMedicine Neurology
DMedicine Neurosurgery
DMedicine Obstetrics and Gynaecology
DMedicine Ophthalmology
DMedicine Orthopaedics
DMedicine Otorhinolaryngology
DMedicine Paediatrics
DMedicine Pathology
DMedicine Pharmacology
DMedicine Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
DMedicine Psychiatry
DMedicine Public Health
DMedicine Radiation Oncology
DMedicine Radiological Diagnostics
DMedicine Reproductive Biology
DMedicine Reproductive Biology: Andrology
DMedicine Surgery
DMedicine Thoracic Surgery
DMedicine Urology
DOccTher Occupational Therapy
DSc Health Sciences
MChD in Maxillo-facial and Oral Surgery (endorsement ChirMaxFac-Med)
MChD in Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery (endorsement ChirMaxFac-Dent)
MChD in Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery (endorsement ChirMaxFac-Med)
MChD Oral Pathology
MChD Orthodontics
MChD Periodontics and Oral Medicine
MChD Prosthodontics
MDiet Coursework
MDiet Dietetics
MMed Anaesthesiology
MMed Anatomical Pathology
MMed Chemical Pathology
MMed Clinical Pathology
MMed Dermatology
MMed Emergency Medicine
MMed Family Medicine
MMed Forensic Pathology
MMed Geriatrics
MMed Haematology
MMed Internal Medicine
MMed Medical Microbiology
MMed Medical Oncology
MMed Medical Virology
MMed Neurology
MMed Neurosurgery
MMed Nuclear Medicine
MMed Obstetrics and Gynaecology
MMed Ophthalmology
MMed Option: Paediatric Surgery
MMed Orthopaedics
MMed Otorhinolaryngology
MMed Paediatrics
MMed Plastic Surgery
MMed Psychiatry
MMed Public Health Medicine
MMed Radiation Oncology
MMed Radiological Diagnostics
MMed Surgery
MMed Thoracic Surgery
MMed Urology
MOccTher Activity Theory
MOccTher Hand Therapy
MOccTher Neurology
MOccTher Occupational Therapy
MOccTher Paediatrics
MOccTher Psychiatry
MPhyst Internal Medicine
MPhyst Neurology/Neurosurgery
MPhyst Orthopaedic Manual Therapy
MPhyst Orthopaedics
MPhyst Paediatrics
MPhyst Physiotherapy
MPhyst Sports Medicine
MPhyst Surgery
MPhyst Women's Health
MPublic Health Public Health
MRad Diagnostics
MRad Nuclear Medicine
MRad Radiation Therapy
MSc Aerospace Medicine
MSc Anatomy
MSc Applied Human Nutrition
MSc Biostatistics
MSc Cell Biology
MSc Chemical Pathology
MSc Clinical Epidemiology
MSc Environmental Health
MSc Epidemiology
MSc Haematology
MSc Human Genetics
MSc Human Physiology
MSc Medical Applied Psychology
MSc Medical Criminalistics
MSc Medical Immunology
MSc Medical Microbiology
MSc Medical Nuclear Science
MSc Medical Oncology
MSc Medical Physics
MSc Medical Virology
MSc Pharmacology
MSc Public Health
MSc Radiation Oncology
MSc Reproductive Biology
MSc Reproductive Biology: Andrology
MSc Sports Medicine
MSc Sports Science Biokinetics
MSc Sports Science
MScDent General
MScDent Oral Surgery
PhD Anaesthesiology
PhD Anatomical Pathology
PhD Anatomy
PhD Andrology
PhD Chemical Pathology
PhD Community Health
PhD Diagnostic Radiology
PhD Dietetics
PhD Environmental Health
PhD Epidemiology
PhD Family Medicine
PhD Forensic Pathology
PhD Haematology
PhD Health Ethics
PhD Health Systems
PhD Human Genetics
PhD Human Physiology
PhD Internal Medicine
PhD Medical Immunology
PhD Medical Microbiology
PhD Medical Nuclear Science
PhD Medical Oncology
PhD Medical Physics
PhD Medical Virology
PhD Mental Health
PhD Neurology
PhD Nursing Science
PhD Obstetrics and Gynaecology
PhD Occupational Therapy
PhD Orthopaedics
PhD Paediatrics
PhD Pharmacology
PhD Physiotherapy
PhD Psychiatry
PhD Public Health
PhD Radiography
PhD Reproductive Biology
PhD Sports Medicine
PhD Sports Science
PhD Urology
Prerequisites BOS 870
Language of tuition English
Academic organisation School of Health Syst & Public
Period of presentation Year

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