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Here at the Onderstepoort Information Technology Lab (OP IT Lab), we have a small, but knowledgeable and dedicated, contingent of staff that helps out the Veterinary Faculty students and staff members with most matters relating to computers. The IT Laboratory on campus is primarily tasked with providing a dependable and accurate environment in which to conduct computer-based tests and examinations. And we do around 20,000 sessions of this per year. In addition to this, computer-based practicals and classes will also be hosted in the OP IT Lab.

The lab is split into two parts. The large side contains 181 i3 All In One computers and is generally used for tests, exams, and other booked sessions. The smaller side contains 33 i3 All In One computer that is accessible to students 24/7. In addition to this, there is a 20-PC IT Lab installed at the nearby Onderstepoort Village (Residences). So, users have multiple options for computer use.

Hours: (Currently closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic)

Open Lab

  • Open 24/7


  • Only open for scheduled sessions

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