Onderstepoort Community Choir

The Onderstepoort faculty of veterinary science is the only veterinary faculty in South Africa and is situated on the northern outskirts of Pretoria. Despite training only veterinarians and veterinary nurses, the faculty is rich with a diversity of interests, talents and passions. The intimate and remote nature of the campus also creates a natural sense of community between students, staff members and personnel. Furthermore, being in a very academically challenging and stressful environment, the need to unwind is tangible and ever present.

The establishment of the Onderstepoort Community Choir finds its origin from this very culture at the faculty of veterinary science. Creating a platform where internationally renowned researchers, second year students and animal handling staff can all sing and perform on the same stage is exactly what we are about. Apart from the above mentioned, we also have postgraduate students from neighbouring countries, laboratory assistants and even our deputy dean as proud members. Our unique and treasured campus demands a distinctive voice, and we aim to provide just that.

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