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Welcome to the Department of Nuclear Medicine. This module framework provides an overview of the academic matters that are related to MMed (Nuclear Medicine).

The Nuclear Medicine Registrar Programme is designed to provide a learning environment such that the resident will gain sufficient knowledge and expertise to be able to practice all aspects of the specialty. Specific educational objectives regarding individual portions of the programme are in place to help ensure, with regular feedback mechanisms, that adequate teaching is obtained. The programme contains a variety of experiences in general, cardiac, paediatric and therapeutic nuclear medicine, as well as in bone mineral densitometry, in vivo non-imaging and in vitro nuclear medicine including radio-immunoassay. Registrars have access to a wide variety of patients ranging from those that are acutely ill to those being investigated on an outpatient basis. This allows adequate experience in the selection of appropriate techniques and interpretation of studies under a variety of urgent emergency and ambulatory conditions. Responsibility is graduated throughout the programme so that the registrar will be acting at the level of a consultant at the end of training. Consultants act as teachers and role models giving guidance to the residents.

The functions of the programme are closely allied to the requirements of the South African College of Nuclear Physicians for training and examination in nuclear medicine.

The links below will direct you to the relevant CMSA requirements for Part II (Final) Examination as well as to the logbook:

Written Exam:

Oral Exam:



MMed (Nuclear Medicine) consists of the following modules:

A.        Nuclear Physics (KDE 802)

B.        Applied Physiology (809 FSG 801)

C.        Anatomy (ANA 809)

D.        Pathology (PAT 801)

E.        Radiobiology, Chemistry and Pharmacology (RCF 800)

F.        Clinical Nuclear Medicine (KDE801)

G.        Applied Research Methodology (TNM 800)

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