Completed Projects

The following projects have been concluded for the mining industry:

  • Developing testing specifications for netting and the dynamic testing of tendons; and assessing the feasibility of establishing an independent accredited support testing facility (MHSC) 
  • Developing a Missing Person Locator System (MHSC) 
  • Developing an Underground and Surface Communication System (MHSC) 
  • Developing an Underground Proximity Detection System (MHSC) 
  • Understanding the Impact of technology on people in the South African mining sector (MHSC) 
  • Establishing a test and simulation capability and standard verification methods to evaluate collision management systems (MHSC) 
  • Upgrading sound analysis facilities with the addition of an acoustic camera (MHSC) 
  • Developing rock mass condition assessment tools (MHSC) 
  • Developing mining illumination standards for mobile equipment operating in open pit and underground mines in the South African mining industry (MHSC) 
  • Assessing the feasibility of reducing diesel particulate matter (DPM) exposure through the replacement and/or conversion of all Tier 0 with Tier 2 or Tier 3 engines (MHSC) 
  • The development of dust suppression and cooling systems for burning and or burnt coal (South 32) 
  • A construction and tunnelling preliminary market survey (New Concept Mining) 
  • Fire engineering (I-Cat) 
  • Non-explosive rock breaking (MMP) 
  • Real-time information management systems (MMP) 
  • Human factors in mining (MMP) 
  • Developing an integrated digital technology (IDT) platform (Kumba Iron Ore) 
  • A new mining method study (Sasol) 
  • Advanced ore body knowledge (MMP) 
  • Longevity of current mining (MMP) 

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