About the Department of Medical Oncology

The mission of the department is:

  • To treat patients with cancer on prospective, stratified, randomized clinical trials, which offer the best treatment alternative per patient, depending on the disease and on the patient. 
  • To improve the patient’s quality of life proactively, and to keep this point as a primary function of the department.  Cost effectiveness regarding quality of life and financial concerns are also used to optimise treatment 
  • To offer investigational treatment to patients with cancer, where standard treatment is not effective, keeping the concept of cost effectiveness as prime importance 
  • It is an integral part of the mission of the Department of Medical Oncology to coordinate a large percentage of the research work done with international centres to ensure academic correctness in the interest of the patient and economic control 
As a result of the above policy, the Department of Medical Oncology remains a centre of excellence for cancer treatment and research.  As a result, the department remains a model for training centres

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