Objective 1: Framework development (ECSA)

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Online Engagement

The first workshop will be with John Mitchell from UCL addressing Deans on engineering schools about the process at UCL and the value of such a project. UCL has done a lot of investigations into industry requirements of graduates and have assessed the impact of their integrated program on the quality of the graduates from UCL according to the industries they enter.

30 June 2021

Online Workshop Series 1

SA Institutions share current curriculum practices and what resources/mechanisms inform these practices  with each other to establish baseline and indicate curriculum redesign goals/plans (where applicable). This will take place over a series of short sessions between Jul-Sept 2021 where programmes are shared. UCL presents their approach to integrated curriculum and SA HEI members have an opportunity to evaluate their own from this perspective.

Jul to Sept-21

Workshop 1 (in-person); this workshop links to the 3rd objective.

UCL presents their approach to integrated curriculum and strategy for implementation in quite practical detail. This combines their programme for staff development to facilitate such curricula.

This workshop will support development of a framework for integrated curricula with ECSA and industry involved with all the HEI schools of engineering. The outcome of these sessions should be a generic framework for integrated curriculum in SA HEI.


Online Workshop Series 2

Each institution participating will have an opportunity to showcase their version of the integrated curriculum for their institution. A critical review and discussion of these programs will follow to ensure clear directives of these frameworks before strategizing implementation. Feedback includes comments from ECSA and UCL. This is presented as a series of short presentation and group discussion series between Oct 2021 - Jan 2022.


Objective 2: Strategies for feasible implementation

Online Engagement 2

Evaluate the challenges of curricular reform from institutional management level and all other stakeholders and bodies (ECSA) in charge of transformation of curriculum.


Workshop 2: Combine with Obj 3

Collaborative workshops to discuss strategies and potential action plans for integrated curricular development. Present possible actionable strategies and items within institutional contexts.


Online Workshop Series 3

Session for engagement with different institutions presenting the challenges they face and discussion to evaluate what actions can be taken. What are easy avenues to their specific curricula to start this reform? These sessions will take place over May 2022 to Feb 2023.


Objective 3: Staff development for active, integrated learning

Workshop 1 (as in Objective 1)

As in Objective 1


Development program attendance through UCL

Develop a couple of facilitators from the group attending the Workshop 1 to facilitate a pilot program for such a staff development program at different institutions.

Oct-21 to Feb-22

Workshop 2 (province specific with online link between work teams)

Pilot programs in institutions.

Facilitators that have gone through the UCL program facilitate the process at small provincial workshops. Staff at different institutions related to the modules that are project-based, join the workshop and are guided through a practical experience of active, integrated learning and help to make the links between the educational theory and how to practically structure a class.


Online Workshop Series 4

Short sessions online (July-Oct 2022) where different institutional teams present the practical application of their interpretation of integrated curriculum at a module level. Feedback from ECSA, UCL and the other HEI groups to see if the pilot program needs to be refined.


Resource platform


The design, development and extension of the existing environment to host and showcase project activities, resources and outputs.




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